Sustain Yourself: Go Green, Save Green

By Sarah Alvarez, Account Executive

I’ve been living a double life for the past two years.
In the classroom I have been taught to keep my scope vast. It is not enough to be looking at the public relations industry in one area, you have to be thinking on a national level. No matter how much extra time I have in my day, I never feel like I have read enough.

On the other hand, I have held various positions in AS Sustainability for the past two years. These positions have taught me to minimize consumption, think on a local level and that small change can create large-scale movements.  

Trying to live by these rules has created some conflict in my life, but I’ve found that keeping sustainability in mind can create a balance that can make life a little easier.

1.  Lose the junk. PR is not a nine to five job, you’re often working much longer hours, and it can be hard to find time to take a break for food. If you ditch the fast food for fresh, local fare you’re consuming fewer preservatives and will have more energy to get through your day and you’re also helping boost your local economy.  

2.  Power Down. When you’re constantly checking Facebook, Twitter and your blog for work, it is easy to get overwhelmed by your digital devices.  By unplugging your cell phone and laptop you’re giving yourself a much needed break and you could be saving money too.

3.  Trash can be treasure.  With technology being such a large portion of our lives, there is often tech trash in our homes and offices.  But think before you toss your CD collection or burned out lightbulbs.  Give your mind a break and get creative!

There is more to sustainability than just recycling and defending mother nature.  Often times, the sustainable choice can benefit you just as much as it benefits the planet.

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