A Creative’s Role in Public Relations

By: Casey Bell

Being a “creative,” a person who has solely studied visual communication, I was anxious about working for a public relations agency with no previous public relations experience under my belt. However, since being introduced to the public relations environment, I have gradually realized how much creativity is involved in both visual communication and public relations. I have also discovered the potential that these two areas of study have in working together to become successful in the public relations world.

Branding is the key reason why creatives and public relations specialists come together. We collaborate to create multimedia content that will represent our client in the best way possible. Branding comes in the form of creation of a new logo, personalized illustrations and photographs, and choosing fitting typography for the web writing content found on a client’s website and on any other media belonging to this client. Branding is also found in a creative’s website design when a style guide is used in order to maintain a coherent style that matches what our client desires to be portrayed as to the mass public. Furthermore, a public relations social media team uses their own style guide and a creative will adhere to this style guide while designing social media posts. To stand out, this creative will include additional creative elements to help produce social media posts that are not too bland in their designs.

Creatives and public relations specialists are destined to work together. I would not have had as much anxiety as before had I learned this earlier, but an important lesson is that when individuals from differing backgrounds work together, amazing work can be created.

“Creatives and public relations specialists are destined to work together.”

There is never a reason to be scared about learning more about unfamiliar topics. Maybe you will find out that your passions will mix perfectly with another’s.