A Starting Point for Company Culture

By Clare Brady

One of the keys to a healthy company is its culture. If employees feel valued, included and engaged, it’s likely it will be reflected in the quality of their work. Looking at today’s workforce, employment and company relationships are changing. Taking the time to create a solid, consistent workplace culture not only makes your employees feel valued, but can also save the company money.

According to a recent study done by The Engagement Institute, disengaged employees can cost companies up to $550 billion a year and 95% of the study’s 1,500 respondents reported feeling disengaged with their company. 

What can a company do to create a healthy company culture? 

Create a Clear Mission Statement 

This will be the foundation for all employees. It defines the purpose and intended path the company is taking to reach their goals. Being united behind a strong mission statement is the first step in assuring everyone is connected and motivated.

Define Core Values 

Similar to a mission statement, the core values of a company will be the building blocks of a strong company culture. Values such as honesty, innovation, respect and many more are all great examples. These have a unique function in defining the company’s brand. With the right set of core values, companies can attract and keep talented employees. Indeed.com lists thirty-six core values here.

Write a Company Culture Statement

If the mission statement and the core values are the foundation, then the company culture statement is the framework of the house. This is a simple statement that encompaces how employees live out the mission statement and core values of the company. Examples of this include, “people first” or “learn more.”

Hold everyone accountable

Creating and maintaining a set of expectations for employees takes some time. There will be a learning curve for new employees, but once they understand what is expected of them, they will eventually lead by example as the company grows. It’s inevitable that people will make mistakes and an appropriate, constructive response to those mistakes is something else employees will learn. 

Be Consistent

It’s important for leadership and management to stand by the company’s mission statement, core values and culture statement, so that employees can continue to have an example to follow. This will ensure employees feel valued and encouraged to do their best work. 

When done well, the work to create a good company culture has great benefits. Maryville University shares that a strong culture improves the reputation of a company, promotes employee retention and increases productivity. We all work together, why not make it a positive experience?

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