An Unexpected Passion

By Julie Ruocco, Assistant Account Executive

“Do you know about computers?”

This is a question I get almost daily at work. Quite honestly, about a year ago I couldn’t say that I did.  Today, however, I can confidently say, “Yes, I do.”

I never expected to be working in technology, let alone computer sales. My experience at
Best Buy has not only turned me on to the tech world but has made me decide to pursue a career in the technology industry.

Being thrown into an environment which I knew nothing about made me learn that much quicker. I taught myself the basics and worked my way up to the accomplished associate I am today.

Besides just learning the product information, I have become extremely passionate about where the next technology will take us and the advancements made. Staying up-to-date on where the
tech world is going makes me feel connected more than ever in this media-dominated society.  

This May I will graduate and pursue a career in technology public relations, and I think the following points will set me apart from the competition:

Listening to customers’ praise and criticism on both products and companies has given me insight on how particular companies are positioned and what they can do better.
  • Being a front-line employee of all things technical, I have the unique opportunity to bring this knowledge into the world of high-tech PR.
  • I see the top reasons customers return items and how their thought process influences their decision making when looking at electronics.
  • If I can sell technology in stores, I can sell it on paper. Knowing how to “sell” technology takes a certain level of knowledge, tactics and push points. The same can be applied to public relations practices.

Overall, my unexpected work experience has given me something I didn’t expect to find – passion for the technology industry.  Coupled with my passion for public relations, I hope that my involvement in technology and the skills I’ve learned will set me apart from other applicants and land me my dream job.

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