May 8, 2011

Using glass to see things clearly

By Kayla Naylor, Photographer A couple of years ago when I was touring California colleges looking for my perfect fit, I was sold when I learned Chico State has a glass studio on campus. On an average walk through the doors of the shop you can feel the temperature jump […]
May 8, 2011

Will tweet for work

By Sevie Michl, Account Executive As a senior getting ready to graduate, the pressure of trying to look for a full-time job is a scary and intimidating thought. At first when considering where I could find job openings I think of the usual websites such as, Craigslist or the […]
May 3, 2011

Say “Green” One More Time…

By Ian Twamley, Account Executive I love nature. I am also a firm believer in the core values of the green movement, but promoters of “green” need to change their wording before I explode. As members of a species that will top 7 billion sometime this year, the necessity of […]
May 3, 2011

Public Relations: A Career Built on Stressed Professionals? What Are we Getting Ourselves Into?!

By Paul Wilkie, Account Executive My week begins Sunday morning when I commence creating my oh-so-neurotic to-do lists for the following days. This is usually the time I put myself at risk for early balding. Caffeine doesn’t help either, although I love the beautifully legal drug. Am I destined to […]
April 26, 2011

Forget Bieber, we’ve got Royal Wedding Fever.

By Sarah Kennedy, Business and Alumni Relations Director It wasn’t something that I was proud of. It was a Monday night and while I had a full day of class and work on Tuesday, I spent the night curled up on the couch watching the premiere of Lifetime’s newest movie […]
April 21, 2011

Caught in a lie?

By Danielle Maglione, Online Communications Director OK, we all know that social media has made our lives completely available to the public. We also know that we need to monitor what we say on our statuses, tweets and blogs so we don’t word vomit all over the web. However, how […]