A Creative’s Role in Public Relations

By: Casey Bell

Being a “creative,” a person who has solely studied visual communication, I was anxious about working for a public relations agency with no previous public relations experience under my belt. However, since being introduced to the public relations environment, I have gradually realized how much creativity is involved in both visual communication and public relations. I have also discovered the potential that these two areas of study have in working together to become successful in the public relations world.

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6 Ways to Conquer a Creative Block

By: Lauren Meichtry

Coming up with new ideas can be harder than it looks! As an artist and graphic designer I understand how real the struggle can be. But you don’t have to be an artist to be affected by creative block. Idea generation has become a necessity for staying relevant in careers including public relations. To get back on track, use these six helpful tips for the days when you sit in front of a blank sheet of paper or an empty screen: 

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How to Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Office’s Business Professional Dress Code

Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash, A woman holding a handbag and book

Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash

By: Yaritza Ayon

Offices more often than not require their employees to dress business professional when they’re working. Here’s some ways to be creative and stylish with your professional wardrobe. It’s good to express ourselves through our clothing even when there’s restrictions, it shows one’s creativity and personality.

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How To Get The Best From Your Designer

Kimberly Volkov works on the the computer.

By: Kimberly Volkov

Have you ever struggled with talking to a designer or had trouble with them understanding your vision? This blog is intended to help clients understand and provide what is needed for designers. There is a need for clear communication, understanding and information about the project before starting any design. This will help any client or designer before any project.

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How AP Style Changed My Writing

A person working on their laptop with the AP style book.

By: Natalie Matheny

Before being introduced to AP Style writing, I was unaware of all the mistakes I was making in my work. Taking a copy editing class and learning about editing marks and grammar rules has really changed the way I take my time to write a good quality piece. By learning the ways of the AP Style guide, I have gained more confidence in my professional writing.

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Don’t Procrastinate in a Professional Setting

Street signs that read homework, procrastination and stop.

By: Nick Denton

As college students, we often procrastinate assignments because we think we have the time. As journalism students, we are always working toward a deadline. On multiple occasions I have left a big assignment until the night before it was due and I have never failed to get it done, these results reinforced the idea that this practice was okay.  

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