Visit Sacramento: An Instagram that makes me want to do just that

It’s not every day that an Instagram account makes you want to become a tourist in a city you’ve lived an hour away from for the majority of your life. Yet,
Visit Sacramento’s page has convinced me to do just that.  

This account is for the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau, whose main focus is to attract tourism. Their Instagram account is curated by Faithmari who also welcomes guest Instagrammers to share their favorite spots in Sacramento.   

As a California girl born and raised, I can say that Visit Sacramento has done a superb job at showcasing not only Sacramento as a lively city, but showcasing parts of northern California that don’t receive the attention they deserve. Some of these places include the Yuba River, Grass Valley, Foresthill and Yankee Jims.  

With Sacramento as the main focus, the wide range of photos and subjects gives off a feeling that this city has much more to offer than just a place to watch the Kings play. Restaurants and the art scene are among the featured themes on the account. .

Visit Sacramento’s Instagram page has 73 thousand followers and almost 4 thousand posts. Each photograph attracts and receives ample attention through comments and likes.

Personally, I hope to move to Sacramento after graduation in May, and Visit Sacramento has helped sell me on this city. If you haven’t checked out this page, do it! It’s a social media win in my opinion, and will give you an excuse to visit the state’s capital and a city that is only growing in popularity.  

Written by: Taylor Sinclair

Chipotle, Where Are You Now?

Chipotle Sales Chart

It has been about a year since Chipotle Mexican Grill’s first E. Coli outbreak surfaced and it is safe to say it has been a PR nightmare for the locally sourced food restaurant. On Oct. 31, 2015, 22 total E. Coli illness cases from Washington and Oregon were being investigated for their connection to Chipotle.

The scandal quickly grew as more cases surfaced across the U.S. in 11 different states. By January 2016, the specific illness was pinpointed to a strain of STEC, shiga toxin producing E. coli and had infected 55 people.

Sorry Chipotle, but the crisis was definitely not averted.

To this day, Chipotle’s sales are still far below what they were before the outbreak. On Oct. 25, information released that third-quarter revenue dropped nearly 15 percent. But not all hope is lost, their sales do appear to be slightly rising with each passing month.

Food Safety

Sales are rising because Chipotle’s public relations team has created multiple efforts to show that their number one priorities are customer safety and serving “food with integrity.”

On the company website, there is a new page called “food safety” that goes in depth about what Chipotle has done since the E. Coli outbreak to ensure customers of their safety.

Here is what is shown on the page:

Screenshot of Chipotle's food safety web page


Chipotle has also created multiple promotions and offers to pull in more customers. For example, a matching game was recently released for users to play and win a buy-one-get-one free deal.

Chipotle's Real Foods Matching game

Over summer Chipotle also created their “Chiptopia” rewards program. The promotion rewarded customers who purchased food from July to September at least 4 times each month. The rewards included free food, merchandize and free catering depending on the status achieved.

On top of free promotions, Chipotle has continued to build their brand by releasing materials that connect back to their happy healthy food initiative. On the website there are countless videos showing how they make their food and they recently released a cartoon called “Ingredients Reign.”

The Verdict

All in all, I couldn’t be happier! As a loyal customer, all these changes and promotions have just reinforced the love I’ve always felt for Chipotle, and I’ve gotten multiple freebies! Who doesn’t love free food?!

Every step Chipotle has taken is helping them head back to the road of success. They are a great role model and learning opportunity for crisis management. It is clear now that they are probably one of the safest places to eat.


Written by Kasey Perez, Account Executive

Social Media Audit: Chicago Cubs

It’s possible to have no interest in the sport of baseball and still know a little bit about the Chicago Cubs. The professional team swinging out of the Windy City continuously made headlines this season for their play on the field, but their presence on social media channels keeps their brand going strong long after the final pitch.

For a team that hasn’t won a World Series title since 1908, their fan base is incredibly visible and a big reason for that is their social media presence.

From Twitter and Instagram, to Snapchat and Facebook their impact reaches millions through their carefully crafted content. Their graphically designed game recaps, GIF reactions and perfectly timed in-game responses, allow the Cubs to stay relevant and humorous in the fast-paced world of sports social media.

Breaking It Down

Twitter: @Cubs


What they do: On game days, the Cubs’ Twitter account is the best place to hit for their widest range of coverage. The two guys (Kevin and Travis) in charge of posting stay true to the Cubs long-standing brand while keeping up-to-date with the ever changing media.

In Sarah Spain’s “That’s What She Said” podcast, they talk about their strategy and goals to stay consistent and true to their voice.

The account interacts with fans, responding to tweets with witty comebacks and GIF replies relevant to the moment.

Chicago Cubs on Twitter

@TSabonis The first rule of Fight Club…

Chicago Cubs on Twitter

@javy23baez all about that hustle. 3-0 #Cubs! #LetsGo

Chicago Cubs on Twitter

@ManuclearBomb We love it when people offer us their opinions about things we don’t control.

Why it works: Twitter can be a hard place to navigate. With fans directing every emotion felt during the games at people whose job it is to respond on behalf of the team, humor is a great way to combat the more ridiculous responses sent their way.

Instagram: @Cubs

853K (and counting)

What they do: With visual content being crucial to brand building, the Cubs Instagram account is the perfect outlet to drive them home. Having an aesthetic look and theme is the goal for many companies, and the Cubs manage it by posting only the best moments. Oct. 15 brought game one of the National League Championship Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers and their social media team was ready.


View this post on Instagram

Javy steals home!

A post shared by cubs (@cubs) on

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Javy "The Jet"

A post shared by cubs (@cubs) on

View this post on Instagram

@miguelmontero26 ships. #FlyTheW

A post shared by cubs (@cubs) on

View this post on Instagram

1-0. #NLCS #FlyTheW

A post shared by cubs (@cubs) on


Why it works: By highlighting Javier Baez’s steal at home and Miguel Montero’s grand slam that ensured the Cubs would #FlyTheW, they showcased everything fans want to see. Even if you didn’t watch the game, scrolling through their content would give you the best highlights of what you missed.

Snapchat: Cubs

What they do: Snapchat’s 10 second limit allows for quick updates during games, but also provides a behind-the-scenes look when there’s no baseball being played. Follow them for virtual tours of Wrigley Field and to experience a game-day atmosphere right in the palm of your hand.

Why it works: Many fans will never get the chance to see the team play in person. While Snapchat doesn’t offer two-way communication between the user and viewer in the same way Twitter does, if offers a more personal feel. Through each Snap, the excitement of the games can be felt even thousands of miles away.

The Cubs social media will have to continue producing great content through the end of October as the team made their way to the World Series for the first time since 1945. The first two postseason series provided plenty of drama, suspense and elation to practice with, and if it ends up being the Cubs’ year, everyone will be ready.

Written by Gabriella Miller, Account Executive

A Public Relations Success:

Dutch Bros. Instagram

As a freshman in college I randomly applied to Dutch Bros. Coffee in the hopes of finding an “easy” job, I loved coffee and people and thought it would be a perfect fit. But little did I know that getting hired would change my previous plans for the future.

Espresso Machine and Tins


Coffee is what we do, but is not who we are

Everyone sees Dutch as a group of happy, unique, hipster kids who have been brought together by the love of coffee. But being a PR student, I see their company for much more. I never knew where I wanted to pursue my career until I got to witness how DB headquarters operates.

Dutch Bros. Instagram
Each Dutch location controls their own PR and marketing, with the guidance of HQ. The most difficult part about this is maintaining a consistent voice across all 256 locations’ accounts.

Then where is the content created for social?

There is a private Facebook group for all the PR teams to share content they curate themselves with one another that is available for use by any shop. However, many stands choose to create their own content while working.

What makes this company stand out from the rest?

Dutch is different because of how much freedom the owners give their employees to express themselves, while still holding true to the company’s tone and mission statement (or in Dutch’s case, our Dutch Creed).

Dutch Bros Facebook
Dutch Bros. has a Love Abounds program built around giving back to the community through various projects as far as El Salvador. The company’s PR comes so easily to them because they’re built around serving and improving the lives of others, and in return, it improves their image.So how has Dutch been able to give so much freedom while staying consistent? Every employee is in a probation period once they are out of training, where each employee is given a mentor that they work with on shift that does not only work on recipes but how to uphold Dutch’s Creed: Speed. Quality. Service.

Turning “kids” into PR pros

Few companies would entrust their college-aged employees to run the job of a PR agency, but somehow Dutch has successfully done so. This says a lot about how times are changing and how millennials are altering the conservative ways businesses’ once operated.

All photo credit to and DB Facebook social forum

Written by Hope Lumbley, Account Executive

Traditional vs. “No Ad” Sports Campaigns

LA Kings Jersey

Anniversary campaigns are a significant part of an organization’s growth and success, especially in professional sports. Anniversaries are a milestone that symbolize a time of achievement, seniority in a league, and, let’s face it, a really good time to celebrate.

Usually, sports organizations go the traditional route – a new color or design added to jerseys, an updated anniversary logo, extra fan events and the years-in-existence plastered all over the home stadium. But is this strategy reaching social security status, aka, is it getting kind of old?

Two National Hockey League (NHL) teams provide great examples. The Los Angeles Kings are beginning their 50th anniversary campaign. Updated, redesigned and highly-priced jerseys have been released, a new logo has been unveiled, an opening night ceremony has been planned, and the hashtag #LAKings50 is in full use on their social media accounts.

LA Kings Jersey

However, the Arizona Coyotes have a different strategy as they approach their 20th anniversary: it’s what the Phoenix Business Journal likes to call a “no ad campaign.” The Coyotes released this letter on their Twitter and Facebook pages, apologizing for their past campaigns and announcing they’d be eliminating the use of “cheesy” slogans. Instead, “Coyotes 2.0” wants their advertisements and overall marketing strategy to be player-focused. They are pushing towards a “show, not tell” approach by explaining that they don’t want to just say it’s “Hockey the Hard Way,” they’re going to show you.

“Maybe it’s because of the 20 years or the work we’ve done over the last three years, but we feel like it’s time to let the team do the talking,” said Arizona Coyotes’ CEO and team president Anthony LeBlanc.


Both the Los Angeles Kings and Arizona Coyotes are motivated by their team’s performance to produce their anniversary campaigns. For example, the Los Angeles Kings have won two Stanley Cups in the last six years and were in the playoffs last season. Their traditional, sales-focused campaign seems appropriate considering their current status in the league.

The Arizona Coyotes haven’t made the playoffs since 2010. For the Coyotes, there’s not much to lose, therefore anything to change up their current marketing and promotional strategies can potentially be beneficial.

The Coyotes “no campaign” campaign strategy doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after some explaining — but the real question is if it will work. And from their model, time will only tell as the season progresses towards playoffs next year.

Written by Ashley Ingber, Assistant Account Executive

Designing When You’re Uninspired

Designing When You're Uninspired Chart

Creating when you’re uninspired happens to the best of us. At times, it’s not easy to get out of that mundane funk and you either let it get the best of you, or you try your hardest to combat it. Here are four simple ways to get the creative juices flowing again.

Designing When You're Uninspired Chart

Written by Kaila Garcia, Graphic Designer

My Top 5 Fashion PR Agencies

To most people, choosing a career path has taken all of college and beyond to decide, but that was never the case for me. For as long as I can remember I have always had a true “passion for fashion” and still today, I know that I want to have a career in the fashion industry. This industry fascinates me because it is constantly changing and there is always something new and exciting going on.

Being three short weeks away from graduation, the reality of my future and the career that I will embark on is right in front of me. I feel lucky to be leaving college with a degree in journalism with a focus in public relations that I can apply in the industry that has always been my dream. Although it may take some time for me to get my foot in the door in this fast paced, ever-changing industry, I am confident that I will be doing something that I love. There are many fashion PR agencies that I aspire to work for, but I wanted to showcase my choice for the top five in the industry for other aspiring fashion PR pros.

Mullens Public Relationsvtekcg7j0wnj8098wg5a_400x400

  •      San Francisco based boutique public relations agency
  •      Specializes in fashion, lifestyle and design
  •      Founded by Jessica Mullens Engelman in 2000
  •      Services include: strategic planning, special events, social media solutions and influencer marketing
  •      Some clients include: Burberry, ELLE, Donna Karan, J.Crew and Levi’s

Mannfolk Public Reltaions

  •      Offices in Los Angeles and New York2fb3e6e
  •     Specializes in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and social media
  •      Delivers integrated communication campaigns designed specifically for the client
  •      Services include: brand image development, creative direction and copywriting, media representation, press liaison and product integration, special events, social media support, hollywood showroom, account management, advertising and marketing
  •      Some clients include: American Apparel, Allen Edwards and Lyla Jarn

Factory PR

  •      Offices in Los Angeles and New Yorkny
  •   Specializes in   Fashion, Lifestyle and Celebrity communications agency
  •      Specializes in launching and repositioning brands, tailored to each client
  •      Services include: public relations, events, creative, digital and marketing
  •      Some clients include: Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Macy’s and BillaBong

Big Picture PR

  •      Offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Yorklogo
  •      A boutique consumer PR and social media agency focused on fashion, lifestyle, design, consumer technology and health brands
  •      They are a start-up agency whose approach is about storytelling
  •      Services include: product placement, media relations outreach, social media strategies, digital PR, events, launch strategies, brand liaison and many more!
  •      Some clients include: Conde Nast, Lucky Magazine, Guess and GQ Magazine

imgresNow and Zen PR

  •      Offices in New York and Los Angeles
  •      A boutique marketing communications agency focused on fashion, lifestyle and celebrities
  •      They develop and manage multi-platform strategies to build and expand brand awareness to increase sales for clients
  •      Services include: celebrity adoption, product placement on tv and film, media relations and social media marketing
  •      Some clients include: 7 for all Mankind, Express, Nautica and Desigual

by Rebekah Miller, assistant account executive

Study Abroad and Job Outlook – How to leverage your study abroad experience in an interview to land the position

Anyone who studied abroad knows the experience is truly life-changing. Living and studying abroad helps you develop and test your abilities on the deepest level.

Although studying abroad is an incredible life experience, very few U.S. college students are able to make the trip. Only 1 percent of U.S. students studied abroad during the 2012 to 2013 academic year. This is understandable, considering the potential cost and time commitment of studying abroad.

Since so few students have the opportunity to study abroad, this experience can be a great resume booster or an additional area to draw upon when answering interview questions.

Resume Essentials
Although study abroad experience makes you more marketable in the U.S., you must communicate the experience on paper as it pertains to a job you want.

Some things to highlight on your resume about your study abroad experience include:

  •      Language skills. It’s one thing to have studied a language for several years, and another to have actually lived in a country that speaks the language. Even if you went to another English-speaking country, familiarity with different sayings or spellings can be helpful when marketing yourself.
  •        Global work/internship/volunteer experience. There is a common misconception that studying abroad is actually partying abroad. It is easiest to battle this stigma by showing that you have actual work or volunteer experience during your time abroad. Additionally, this is a good way to show that you are passionate about getting involved and immersing yourself in the local culture.
  •        Blogging experience. Study abroad blogs are great for multiple reasons. Not only do you have the chance to chronicle your experiences and growth, but a blog is the perfect opportunity to show your personality to potential employers. Including your blog on your resume allows employers to get to know your personality and assess your writing skills.

Interview Success
Making yourself look good on paper and then delivering on that in an interview are two very different skillsets. After you land an interview, it is important to review key points you would like to emphasize about yourself as an applicant.

This is another great opportunity to incorporate your study abroad experience, and expand on points you may or may not have included in your resume.
In particular, try to:

  •       Emphasize your adaptability. It is not easy to move across the globe and adjust to a completely different culture. It is important to mention how you were able to adjust to the changing environment and work with a diverse range of new people..
  •        Connect your experience with the company. Many companies operate internationally. With appropriate background research on the company you are interviewing with, you can find potential ways to connect your study abroad location with one of the company’s locations or clients. Someone interviewing you may even have travelled to that same location, and that is an easy way to build a lasting bond.
  •      Focus on your accomplishments. Studying abroad is full of challenges, and interviewers love to hear that candidates are able to overcome problems. When possible, turn a struggle into an accomplishment to convey your perseverance.


Infographic Credit: Course Hero

by Alek Irvin, account executive