How public relations helps parks reduce visitor impacts.

Photo by Aniket Deole via Unsplash

By: Hannah Manoucheri

Most people claim to love the outdoors, but do they really? It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s full of animals and bugs and it’s certainly not most people’s cup of tea. However, for the people that do enjoy it, there’s a lot of PR work that goes into the promotion of recreation opportunities and preservation of natural lands and National Parks.

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Keep Calm and Carry On: How to focus on your goals when it feels like the world is ending

It can be hard to stay calm in times of such uncertainty, but it’s not impossible

Photo by Brian Luong

By: Christina Cahill

“Normal” is a word that no longer holds much meaning to those of us around the world who functioned on a schedule. Here at Chico State, as with everywhere else, we have a lot to come to terms with. Graduating seniors may never set foot on campus again. Our commencement has been indefinitely postponed. Plans for summer travel, studies or internships have been all but abandoned. Some of us that have received job offers have seen those offers revoked and some of us who have yet to start our job hunts find ourselves looking at a bleak market. Covid-19 hit hard and fast and, apparently, the worst is yet to come. It’s difficult to swallow the consensus of specialists that the fall out from this virus will last months at a minimum, not weeks, but the notion that our lives are to remain abnormal for the foreseeable future is finally settling into our accepted realities.

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How to Get Through the Stress of Job Searching

Ways to motivate you to keep the job search going

Photo by Pixabay

By: Katelyn Alegria

As a soon-to-be college graduate, the pressure to find that perfect job is slowly creeping up. Some people find jobs quickly and accept offers shortly after their interviews, others struggle to find a job that fits their needs and skills, which is also okay. As I notice my colleagues and classmates begin to apply to positions and accept offers, the stress begins to creep up. Why is my search going differently?

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How international study can benefit your professional life

Photo by Kylie Nishite

By: Kylie Nishite

You’ve just missed your connecting flight to your destination. You’re stuck, panicked and in a country you don’t know. Your first instinct is to call your family in hopes that they can solve your problems but soon you’ll have to ask yourself one thing: 

What are your parents going to do for you 5,000 miles from home? 

The simple answer: Not much.

So what do you do now? 

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How To Create a Successful Resume

Tips and tricks for your resume that will land you that dream job

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peterson Unsplash

By: Anthony Mendoza

Are you stressed about job interviews? Don’t have an idea of what to include in your resume?  Don’t worry and don’t stress out because I’ll be going over some of the most helpful tips I’ve acquired from professors and other PR practitioners to build a successful resume. Having a resume that makes you stand out but also showcases your professional experience will be the determining factor in getting that dream job. Most hiring managers spend less than 60 seconds looking at each resume, so what qualities and experiences make you unique?

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