March 24, 2014

How Smartphone Games Keep Us Hooked

Does anyone else miss the simple life? What ever happened to a painful yet oddly entertaining game of slug bug, while sticking to the leather seats of your mom’s minivan? It seems as if many people have forgotten those days and have entered a world where smartphones rule their lives. […]
March 14, 2014

Dealing With Anxiety

College is a stressful time, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or superhuman. Chico State does its best to provide students with resources to help them deal with the day-to-day stress that classes, work, internships and socializing bring. But then there are those of us who suffer […]
March 12, 2014

Stuck in a Mental Rut? 3 Reasons to Stay Positive

Do you ever feel like every step you take feels harder than the last? Sometimes we think that the world is against us and wonder ‘why me?’ as we forget an important deadline at work or lock the keys in the car. With the growth of social media, I see […]
March 10, 2014

Escape From Reality

  When my friend suggested a trip to the Sea Ranch, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I soon discovered it to be nothing like I had ever imagined. It proved to be one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been. Located 100 miles north of San […]
March 7, 2014

Six Lessons My 20s Taught Me

It’s exactly two months and nine days until I turn 26. In most of my college classes, I’m considered the old one. I’m officially closer to 30 than 20 and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. All in all, I’ve learned a lot from my 20s so […]
March 5, 2014

What Your Nail Color Says About You

First impressions are key. When preparing for a job interview most of us plan out our entire outfit down to our shoes, but we rarely consider the impression other subtle details of our appearance leave. When painting your nails a shiny new shade, choose your color wisely. Your go-to nail […]