October 9, 2012

A World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

By Lindsay Smith, Graphic Designer Coming from an artistic upbringing, I feel that I see the world in a way that some people may not. Growing up, my grandmother would always point to a flower and tell me the name of it, mention how beautiful the trees were in the […]
October 8, 2012

A Whole New World

By David Anaya, Graphic Designer A completely different world was revealed to me once I started my graphic design education. I realized that design is all around us. Just by reading this blog post, you’ve already seen the work of three different graphic designers. This website, your web browser, and […]
October 4, 2012

A New Kind of Wavelength

The New Age of Police Scanners and Their Impact on Journalism By Joelle Cabasa, Photographer/Videographer “There’s a 4-84 (petty theft) on West 6th Avenue and Esplanade.  He stole a man’s wheelchair and has taken to crashing into buildings.” (Static) “We have a possible 4-15 (disturbing the peace) at West 3rd […]
October 3, 2012

How My Passion for Words Led Me to PR

By Rosana Torres, Editorial Assistant Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for words and the English language. My free time consisted of challenging myself to read books at the highest level I could. When I was in fourth grade, Mrs. Tarbox told me she had good […]
October 1, 2012

How to use Pinterest for PR

By Christopher Tavolazzi, Editorial Assistant People love Pinterest. Pinterest combines life planning, self expression, and a visual escape into a cohesive online community. I love firing up my home page and scrolling through all the images, sometimes finding a picture of a cute seal right next to a hilarious captioned […]
September 26, 2012

Why Paying My Bills Has Made Me a Better PR Student

By Rebecca Seylar, Editorial Director Only months after turning 18, I got hired at my first “real” job. Three years later, I’m still at the same locally-owned restaurant, serving my regulars dirty martinis and spaghetti with meatballs.  What has three years as a server taught me? Often I’m simply reminded […]