Finding Your Dream Job


When people think of a dream job they often don’t think about the work that goes into finding or creating it. Whether you are job-hunting for the first time, new at a job or looking to switch jobs, there are things to consider before committing to a career. If you want a career that will last a lifetime, take a look at the points below to set you on the right path:


  • When looking for a job of course you want to take salary into consideration. But try to be realistic about how much you’ll be getting paid considering the position’s responsibilities and your experience level. In addition, keep in mind what you really may need to make to cover bills, rather than how much you want.
  • Do you want to work for a big company, a small company, or self-employed? Some people prefer a big company because the clients’ budgets are often bigger, which in turn can allow for more creativity when handling their affairs. Others prefer a smaller company atmosphere where individual responsibilities are more varied, and you get to know all co-workers. Still others prefer to be self-employed to maximize ability to be creative and independent.
  • Take into consideration the hours you will have to work. Do you hate being stuck inside for eight hours a day? A desk job may not be the right path for you.
  • Notice the things that you do that make you happy, and find a job that fits with those kinds of tasks. You can use the skills from things you enjoy doing in your free time to lead you to your career. For example if you like being creative and working in groups, perhaps something like marketing is right for you.
  • Laura Garnett in “5 Steps That Will Uncover Your Dream Job” recommends that you not only find your talent, but also know how to talk about it. She also recommends that you find how to do this by asking others. It may seem intimidating, but if you ask others about your strengths then you can get a better idea of how to sell them.
  • Ultimately doing it and seeing if you like it is the final test. Try out that internship or volunteer. The only way to know if you like it day-in and day-out is to do it.
  • As Jordan Wedell says in “3 Steps to Determining Your Dream Job,” you can’t be afraid to fail. If you tried your best and it doesn’t work out, that may mean you just need to keep trying new things. It’s okay to learn from your mistakes and then use lessons learned to find your dream job.
  • Still not sure? Try taking a quiz from The Guardian to see what job you have aptitude for.

– Jason  Balangue,  graphic designer

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