How to get the most out of your internship

How many entry level positions have you been interested in that have a minimum requirement of 2-3 years of experience? 
Job hunting can be disappointing when searching on the internet and you find a website describing your ideal job position, but you don’t meet the experience requirement. Although an internship may not be your dream post-graduation position, it will help you gain experience and become qualified to land the job you’ve been dreaming of!
A good internship can result in a job offer, references, and if nothing else, a great learning experience. 
Here are some tips on ways to get the most out of your internship experience:
Dress to impress
As sad as it is, people judge others by their appearance and first impressions. If you dress professional you are going to feel professional and have more confidence from the start of the day to its end. Dress for the position you want.
Be on time (maybe even fashionably early)
Like I said, first impressions are crucial. Every employee should be timely and organized. When it comes to the office environment, be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. Spending a good amount of time invested in work will show your superiors that you care and just how serious you are about your job.

Meet anyone and everyone
No matter what their job title is, almost everyone you meet at your internship will know someone and something you don’t. Use those connections to your advantage. Build up your list of professional references.
Network. Network. Network.

Ask for feedback
Every so often ask your boss how they think you’re performing.
What are you excelling at? 
What areas do you have room for improvement?
Set your personal goals for the internship and figure out your superiors goals for you. The feedback will help you grow, once you put it to good use!

Keep in touch with old bosses
Be sure to keep in touch with old bosses and fellow interns. Networking is everything in today’s age, and keeping up with these connections is bound to help in your future job endeavors. 
Because resumes alone aren’t going to get you the job, and hiring managers care about what your past employers have to say about you, introductions and recommendations from past bosses are important. 
The input from your past bosses may be what makes or breaks your chance of getting the job. Introductions and recommendations from past bosses can be a huge help in landing job interviews.

Handwritten thank you letters
This sounds like a small task, but it can separate you from the other employees. Writing a personalized thank you letter to your boss at the end of your internship will help show your sincere gratitude and help you STAND OUT and be remembered by your employers. 

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