How to be the best Disneylander

By Brendalyn Leen, Graphic Designer

Take it from a pro, getting around Disneyland can be an art. With all the hustle and bustle and dodging of people, it can be extremely difficult to get from one place to another – let alone just trying to move.

If you want to get to another land at the park without being bombarded with strollers, then you must avoid direct access to the rides. It is always a safer bet to take the back ways at Disneyland because fewer people use them.

Regarding long lines, unfortunately there is no magic wand to make all of the lines of people disappear, but there is a way to beat lines at the main rides.
After many, many years of visiting Disneyland, I noticed that the key is to arrive 30 minutes before the park opens and get a good spot in line at the entrance. When the park opens, hit the main attractions: Indiana Jones, Space and Splash Mountains, and the Matterhorn. If you hit these first things in the morning, you won’t have to stay in the line when it is an hour-long wait. Although there are fast passes, only a few rides offer them and rarely are they at the times you want.

Prices at Disneyland can be through the roof, so if you are on a tight budget it is crucial to buy a locker and bring your own food and drinks. This way you do not have to feel guilty eating like I do when I go. Also, choice of clothing is very important. Comfortable shoes are a must. By the end of the day you’ll wish you were the kid in the stroller sleeping next to you or the people on the motorized scooters.

One last tip on how to be the best Disneylander: Always buy a souvenir. It should remind you of your experience and the magic at Disneyland.

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