How To Create a Successful Resume

Tips and tricks for your resume that will land you that dream job

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peterson Unsplash

By: Anthony Mendoza

Are you stressed about job interviews? Don’t have an idea of what to include in your resume?  Don’t worry and don’t stress out because I’ll be going over some of the most helpful tips I’ve acquired from professors and other PR practitioners to build a successful resume. Having a resume that makes you stand out but also showcases your professional experience will be the determining factor in getting that dream job. Most hiring managers spend less than 60 seconds looking at each resume, so what qualities and experiences make you unique?

“Having a resume that makes you stand out but also showcases your professional experience will be the determining factor in getting that dream job.” – Aja Frost, The Muse

  • Keep your information concise: Have all of your information on one page, this will guarantee you don’t get overlooked when you apply for jobs. Hiring managers want to see the most important parts of you so make those attributes stand out.
  • Don’t include the job description word for word: Make sure you don’t include the job description word for word, instead relate your past experiences by making a bulleted list. For example, if a company is asking for an experienced social media assistant use bullet points to state:
    • “Garnered 200+ followers on social platforms”
    •  “Created a strategic social media content calendar”.
  • Keep it current: Your job experiences and internships should be displayed in a reverse chronological order. This will help the hiring manager easily skim through your resume and will allow others to easily read through your resume. This will give the hiring managers a general idea of who you are and what you’ve accomplished.
  • Be mindful of the information you include: Do not extend your skill set or exaggerate your personal profile, this will not guarantee you that dream job. Instead, ask your friends or professors for feedback on what information to include and what needs to be taken out. This goes for obvious skills like in Microsoft Word. If everyone can use it, then how will you stand out? Use this space effectively and instead include more practical skills like Adobe software programs.
  • Don’t use a generic objective statement: This is an opportunity to showcase your experience so cater the statement toward your skill set. For example, a company is looking for a public relations practitioner with two years experience with client work. Phrase your objective statement to say, “To leverage my 2+ years of client facing experience, public speaking skills and expertise in the technology industry in a public relations role at a growing educational startup company.”
  • Put your creativity skills to work: Whether you apply for a creative job position or a public relations role, it wouldn’t hurt to include some design into your resume. This can help elevate your page layout and increase the overall visual aspect of your resume. It’s important to be careful and not focus too much on the design, sometimes simplicity works best.
  • Proofread. Proofread.: No matter how many times you look over your resume, it’s impossible to catch every single mistake. Make sure you have more than one peer look over your resume, to ensure you submit the most perfect version to your prospective employer. Whether it’s an extra period or misspelled word, the hiring manager will toss your application to the side. Always proofread, there shouldn’t be an excuse.

Building a resume may be stressful at times but keep these tips in mind next time when you create your resume. These tips can definitely help you stand out. Help yourself out and create a master resume which you can use later to adjust each resume, depending on the job you’re applying for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, our professors are some of the greatest resources at hand with real-world experience. They can let you know what employers look for and how to stand out as an exceptional candidate for your dream job. In the public relations industry it is essential to pay attention to detail, to have a perfect resume can add some heightened pressure but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Start to craft your resume and consider these tips next time you pursue your future endeavours. 

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