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Who Does What?

Each client account team will be comprised of a mix of TGC staff. At the beginning of the semester it’s essential that each client account team understand each person’s role and responsibilities on the team. While there may be some variance from team to team, the essential jobs are as follows:

Account Manager: the manager is the AE who is in charge of the account (position is also referred to as the account lead). The account manager has the ultimate responsibility of fulfilling the agency’s contractual obligation to the client. The account manager’s responsibilities include:

Providing superior client service. This involves:

    • Understanding your client’s needs and business,
    • Maintaining communication with the client on a regular basis, and
    • Attending client meetings, documenting results of meetings and following through on any promises and meeting all deadlines. For some clients, this may also include educating them about TGC and its range of services.

Doing everything possible to make the overall team a successful and supporting the efforts of the individuals within the team. This includes:

    • Inspiring creativity and positive approaches within the team
    • Communicating effectively with every member of the team as well as the GM and adviser.
    • Creating agendas for regularly scheduled staff meetings
    • Leading the development of a comprehensive implementation timeline and implementing that timeline with the help of the account team.
    • Addressing problems immediately and appropriately
    • Driving and handling varied account tasks from writing to proofreading, researching to brainstorming, and taking photographs to writing photo captions, and delegating tasks to critiquing others’ work.

AEs, AAEs: these positions help the account manager execute the required tasks of the account. Most often this involves primary and secondary research, writing, copyediting, tackling special event details, etc. Also referred to as support staff, these members are an integral part of the team and must act in such a way as to ensure the account’s success. This position will also act as AE if they are unavailable.

Editors: It’s the editorial assistant’s job to create an account style guide that deviates derives from AP style. The EA is also the person that writers send their articles to in order to get the stories through the editing process. Editors should have a major role in the creation of messaging strategies as well.

Account PR Generalist: It is the PR Generalist’s task to fill in the gaps with anything PR related. This person may be tasked with drafting press releases, pitch letters and assisting with overall strategy for the client or social media. Overall this person should be knowledgeable and ready to work in any and all PR related tasks.

Graphic Designer: The graphic designer is responsible for all design decisions made on an account, while still working closely with the account team and client. This work may involve original design or template design. The designer should meet on a regular basis with the client to understand the client’s design needs. The designer is also the person to handle all prepress tasks when a publication is almost complete, for example determining the file type the printer requests, ensuring that internal clients meet all specifications for university publications and anything else that may come up in the process.

Photographer/Videographer: The photographer’s job is to shoot still photography or video for the account. The photographer typically works closely with the graphic designer to understand the publication specs (e.g. are photos running in color or black and white? Is the publication printed or online only?). The photographer is responsible for doing all editing to her/his work prior to sending files to the graphic designer or client. In the case of newsletters, photographers should work closely with writers to understand story angles and to determine who is responsible for writing photo captions.

General Manager: The General Manager does a bit of everything and works closely with the advisor and PRD. This person will facilitate each agency meeting, create and manage internal documents (such as Weekly Reports, Timesheets and ____). It is also the GM’s responsibility to check in with all AEs to make sure their account work is up to snuff.

PR Director: The PR Director is responsible for the morale and culture of the agency. They act as the partner to the GM, and help to ensure that things are running smoothly in the agency The PR Director also acts as the account lead for the TGC PR Team. This account works to build the brand of TGC. The PR Director will take on the tasks of planning recruitment, fundraising, collateral, apparel, site visits and whatever the agency is in need of that semester.

PR Assistant: The PR Assistant, is the right hand of the PR Director. They assist with tasks wherever they can. It is best for the PR Director and Assistant in the beginning of the term  to decide how and where their tasks will take place over the course of the semester.

Art Director: The job of the Art Director is to lead and guide the team of graphic designers, photographers and videographers. They lead the creative team weekly meeting, along with creating and implementing the critique process.

Online Communications Director:  The Online Communication Director is also known as the keeper of the web. This person is tasked with website upkeep and changes. The online comms director is responsible for updating staff information (pictures, bios and LinkedIn information). They will work with the Digital Media Director to ensure that staff blogs are uploaded promptly. They will also work to update the website, wherever and whenever needed.  

Digital Media Director:  The Digital Media Director is responsible for all things TGC social. This person will work with the GM and adviser to develop a strategic social media plan for the agency. The Digital Media Director is in charge of creating and implementing the social media and blog guidelines for the staffers. This person will work closely with the community manager to ensure that content and engagement is appropriate and present for each of TGC’s social channels.

Community Manager: The Community Manager works closely with the Digital Media Director. This person’s job is to ensure that the social media strategy for content and engagement is being properly implemented. The Community Manager will post content on all channels, as well as responding to and interacting with alumni.