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Agency Positions for the Fall 2020 Team

TGC is typically comprised of students majoring with the Department of Journalism & Public Relations and the Department of Communication Design with options in graphic design and media arts. Students in other majors are welcome to apply. With the exception of the Creative Services Team, priority consideration is given to:

J&PR majors, particularly those who have successfully completed JOUR 344, Public Relations Strategy. News option students must have at least one semester’s experience on The Orion and successfully completed JOUR 321 and JOUR 327. For applicants to the Creative Services Team: Graphic design applicants must have passed portfolio review and have experience with process work. Photographers and videographers are preferred to be majoring in media arts. Photography minors will be considered.

TGC is hiring for the positions listed below. We encourage applicants to apply for more than one position, just indicate your preferences on the application.

Account Executive

AEs work directly with clients to solve real-world communication challenges. Each AE leads one client account and serves as PR staff on another client account.

Editorial Director

The editorial director is the leader of the editing team and is the point of contact for editing needs.

Social Media Director

The director is the leader of the social media team and the point person for all agency social media.

Art Director

Leads the creative team which includes: graphic designers, photographers and videographers.

Web Designer

Works directly with clients to improve the look, feel and usability of their web materials and collaborates with TGC staff on visual storytelling.

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for the overall direction of the agency. The GM and adviser work together to create an effective strategy that will ensure smooth agency operations. Additionally, the GM plans and runs weekly meetings, serves as a resource for agency members and enforces policies.

Online Communications Director

The Online Communications Director oversees TGC’s owned public relations channels, including the website and the blog. The specific tasks for this position often changes based on the individual’s interest and skills.

Assistant Account Executive

AAEs support their AE and are the go to contact for the client when the AE is unavailable. These students work as support on two accounts.

Editorial Assistant

The editorial team includes three to four editorial assistants that serve as editors on each client-facing team.

Social Media Assistant

The social media assistants are in charge of different social media channels for all TGC platforms.

Graphic Designer

Works directly with clients on print and digital media projects and collaborates with TGC staff on visual storytelling.


Meets with clients to determine artistic needs, attends events and orchestrate photo shoots, and contributes to creative photos/videos for agency and client use.

Public Relations Director & Assistant

The PR Director is the second-in-command of the agency. The director supports the work of the general manager and leads the agency’s awareness efforts while being supported by the PR assistant. Ideal candidates are those who have prior experience with TGC or other public relations internships.