Available Positions

Agency Positions for the Spring 2018 Team


The agency’s staffing needs are flexible. Our teams have been as small as 11 and as large as 26.

We’ll be recruiting for the positions listed below. You’re welcome to apply for more than one position. Just indicate your preference on the application.

PR Staff

All PR staffers will focus on social media, editing and writing.

Account Executive

AEs work directly with the clients to solve real-world communication challenges. Each AE will lead one client account and support at least one other client account. Two broad skill set areas are vital for AEs:

  • Knowing how to manage and motivate peers to form high functioning teams.
  • The ability to plan and direct complex communication projects to ensure budgets and deadlines are met.
  • Minimum qualifications include: Completed PR Strategy (JOUR344); excellent time management; strong interpersonal skills; interest in leadership; self-starter

The exact nature of the work varies by client but is likely to include:

  • Multiplatform storytelling: writing client content for a wide variety of needs including blogs, features, brochure content, news releases, website content, etc.
  • Conducting research and first-person interviews to develop the written materials
  • Working with news organizations to secure coverage of our clients’ news, events and activities.
  • Planning and implementing special events, strategic communications plans, social media programs, etc.
  • Working with the Creative Services Team to create websites or design organizational media such as newsletters, brochures and special event collateral material
  • Account management: professional communication and project management to successfully meet clients’ needs

Assistant Account Executives

AAEs tend to be journalism students who have not yet passed JOUR 344 but have strong writing ability. These students work as support on one to two accounts under the direction of an AE. Common tasks include:

  • Writing feature stories, news releases or other media materials
  • Conducting research and first-person interviews to develop the media materials
  • Planning and implementing special events, strategic communications plans, social media programs, etc.
  • Media pitching, both online and by phone
  • Working with staff to create websites or designing organizational media such as newsletters, brochures, etc.
  • Minimum qualifications include: Concurrently enrolled (or has passed) PR Strategy (JOUR344); good time management; strong interpersonal skills

Editing Team

TGC’s editing team consists of an editorial director and two editorial assistants. These three members proofread all of the agency’s work and act as writing coaches for the staff to help them produce stronger content. As a team they maintain the integrity of the agency’s writing and final product development.

The editorial director:

  • Is the leader of the editing team and has the final word on story quality.
  • Leads the TGC Writer’s Boot Camp at the start of each semester.
  • Is the primary point of contact with University Editing.
  • Applicants must have:
    • Successfully completed JOUR 327: News Editing and Copyreading, or
    • Have at least one semester of copy editing experience with The Orion or other news media outlet.
    • Self-starter interest in excellence with copy editing and AP Style

The editorial assistants:

  • Work under the direction of the editorial director.
  • Help with fact checking, proofreading for client and AP styles and reviewing work for format.
  • Are writing coaches for account teams.
  • Preferred applicants have successfully completed JOUR 327: News Editing and Copyreading or have concurrent enrollment.

Creative Services Team

This team consists of graphic designers, photographers and videographers. They are typically majoring in graphic design, media arts, computer science or minoring in photography.

The Art Director

  • Leads the Creative Services Team, which is comprised of graphic designers, photographers and videographers.
  • Reviews the work of the design staff and helps them interpret client needs.
  • Educates TGC staff regarding the needs of the creative team and basic principles design and visual production.
  • Works directly with clients to solve their visual communication needs.
  • Maintains the TGC brand in all agency material.
  • Works with the adviser and general manager to select clients.
  • Applicant Notes:
    • We have a very strong preference for applicants with prior TGC experience.
    • Prior leadership and visual communications internship required.

Graphic Designers

  • Work directly with clients on their print and digital media projects.
  • Collaborate with TGC staff who typically generate the written, photographic and video aspects of client projects.
  • May work with professional printers or online web hosting services selected by their clients.
  • Design applicants must have passed CDES portfolio review.

Common design projects include:

  • Special event collateral materials like invitations, posters, signage and advertisements.
  • Website development: creating new sites, modifying existing ones, and creating layouts for multimedia newsletters.
  • Creating organizational branding elements and media such as logos, business systems, brochures, etc.

Web Designers

  • Work directly with clients to improve the look, feel and usability of their web materials.
  • May work with web contractors to hand design off for coding, or may build entire sites.
  • Collaborate with journalism and media arts students who typically generate the written, photographic and video aspects of client projects.
  • Work with the respective account teams to meet deadlines.


  • Meet with clients to determine art needs.
  • Attend events and orchestrate photo shoots to meet account needs.
  • Review shots/video taken on the client’s behalf.
  • Work with the respective account teams to meet deadlines.
  • Source legal music and art for client video projects.
  • Have an artistic eye and a good grasp on how to convey a concept through their technical abilities.
  • Preferred applicants are media arts majors.
    • Journalism students interested in these positions should have passed JOUR 353, Photojournalism, or have extensive experience shooting photo and video outside of classroom exercises.

TGC’s Management Team

The management team consists of the general manager, directors of: public relations, digital media, editorial and art, and the faculty adviser.

The General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for the overall direction of the agency. The GM and adviser work together to create an effective strategy that will ensure smooth agency operations. Additionally, the GM plans and runs weekly meetings, serves as a resource to agency members and enforces policies. S/he helps to manage deadlines, track projects, assist with personnel issues and spearheads the hiring process. GM candidates must have prior TGC or other Public Relations leadership experience.

  • Serves on two accounts, the TGC PR team and a client account
  • Facilitates effective client-facing communication
  • Coaches account executives on team management

Public Relations Director & Assistant

The PR Director is the second-in-command of the agency. The director supports the work of the general manager and leads the agency’s awareness efforts while being supported by the PR assistant. The specific tasks for these positions often change based on the individuals handling the jobs. Ideal candidates are those who have prior experience with TGC or other public relations internships.

This duo’s tasks often include:

1) Supporting the general manager in leading the agency and serving our client’s needs.

2) Creating and executing a plan to raise the agency’s visibility across campus and in off-campus communities. This will include activities for a Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign in the fall.

3.) Directing human resources functions including:

  • Creating special events and activities to keep office morale positive and supportive
  • Creating and ordering TGC branded materials
  • Planning and executing TGC’s recruitment efforts
  • Responding to new business inquiries

4.) Support the adviser with alumni relations:

  • Creating site visits to Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area or other locations.
  • Getting alumni actively involved with the agency as guest speakers, training partners, fundraisers, etc.
  • Strategic planning for alumni relations programs (traditional and digital)

Online Communications Director

The Online Communications Director oversees TGC’s owned public relations channels, including the website and the blog. The specific tasks for this positions often changes based on the individual’s interest and skills. At minimum, tasks include:

  • Reviews and updates the TGC website to ensure content is accurate and current.
  • Reviews and posts blog entries.
  • Analysis and recommendations for improved website usability and best practices.
  • Updates web images, including staff profiles.