Why Join TGC?

At Tehama Group Communications students have the opportunity to network, build a portfolio and connect with their fellow peers to gain job opportunities in the public relations field. 

Hear from past and current students about what they learned from TGC.

“The confidence you gain working with TGC’s clients will carry over to your first employer and unearth opportunities capable of accelerating your career.” –Mathew Wolpin, c/o 2006
“I needed an internship for my major and wanted something on campus. TGC offers real client experience and the opportunity to work with other students.” –Kendra C., c/o 2019
“TGC has helped me grow as a leader and taught me how to work in a professional setting.” –Natalie M., c/o 2020
“TGC has taught me how to develop professional relationships with real clients.” –Samuel W., c/o 2016
“TGC taught me that a mix of creative individuals is an essential part to going above and beyond a client’s needs.” –Nick B., c/o 2017
“TGC taught me all the necessary public relations skills to successfully manage my time and contribute to teams.” –Miranda C., c/o 2017
“TGC has helped me understand how to communicate my design process, while taking the clients needs into account.” –Cole E., c/o 2017
“TGC has given me the opportunity to not only grow in my profession, but to grow as an individual. It’s an amazing opportunity.” –Arianna S., c/o 2020