Lessons for a Lifetime

 By Kelsey Barnes, Account Executive

In some places becoming an adult is a highly recognized event that is seen as one of the most exciting points in a person’s life. Many cultures recognize this stage as a “coming of age.” It represents the transition from childhood to adulthood.

So when do Americans come of age? Is it when we get our wisdom teeth out? Is it when we can drive? Or maybe when we turn 21?

I personally think you become an adult when you decide to take full responsibility for yourself. Your actions, your behavior and your life all come back to you. I learned this when I realized that I am the only person who can get me where I want to be.

The world can be a large, intimidating and, at times, scary place. This is one of the rude awakenings when going to college: You are fully responsible for yourself. No more mom and dad telling you what to do, how to live or what your limits are.

With my time spent at Chico State, I think I’ve been able to accept and adapt to my coming of age. I’ve had the opportunity to spread my little wings and learn some key life skills here that have shaped me into a well rounded, independent, self-sufficient individual.

Some lessons were learned the hard way and others were easier. Lessons have included managing my own bank account, budgeting, buying groceries, making time to work out, getting the proper amount of sleep, studying effectively and so much more.

I would have to say the most important lessons I have taken from my experiences are to
  • Prioritize your life
  • Do the best you can do
  • Always take care of yourself
There are a few people who have supported me through this and have helped me get to where I am today. Something I do feel very lucky to have had in my college experience has been the journalism department here at Chico State.  

With the support of my peers, the dedication of my teachers and our well-built program, I feel prepared to go into the “real world” and find a nice little spot for myself somewhere.

Note: This picture inspired me for the topic of my blog. This is my best friend, Lacey, (left) and me (right) on my 12th birthday.

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  1. Great post Kelsey! I too am thankful for the journalism department. Upon graduating college, topics like this become more relevant and important to reflect on.

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