Personal Success in PR: The Importance of Self Concept

In business, the way you perceive and present yourself correlates directly with how others perceive you. Self-concept relates to how an individual regards their identity.

Self-concept is developed by both internal and external factors. Personality and personal background play a huge role on building one’s self-concept.

Many individuals may have a positive view of themselves whereas others may have a more negative view. Building up confidence to reach a positive view of yourself is crucial for ultimate success in business and personal relationships.

How can you strengthen personal confidence?

Start with developing a positive opinion of yourself through frequent uplifting thoughts. Focus on positive self-talk and an understanding of the importance of being uniquely you.

  1. Verbal communication is key. Speak clearly and confidently.
  2. Nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication. Make a habit of practicing positive body language tactics. Make eye contact with others, standup straight and keep your head up when walking in a crowd.
  3. Spread kindness to other people. Random acts of kindness towards strangers can have a direct correlation with how you view yourself.
  4. Analyze your social media presence. Post content related to your interests and stuff that you are passionate about sharing. Before publishing content, think about how it makes you feel and how it may make others feel.

Making a habit of these tactics can help you reach more opportunities in business. Your attitude and confidence levels will strengthen by empowering how you view yourself. With increased confidence will increase your networking opportunities.

In any personal and business endeavors always remember that there is no one exactly like you and that is your super power.

By Kailey Gaffikin

Photo by Kailey Gaffikin

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