Siblings Build Better Character

When I found out I was going to have a younger brother, according to my mom, I did not talk to her for three days. On the other hand, when I found out we were going to adopt my younger sister, I could not contain my excitement.


I never thought being an older sister would be one of the most beneficial steps in my career. These youngsters have pushed me to the limit on multiple occasions and made me want to rip my hair out but most importantly, helped me grow into the best version of myself.


Here are the top four skills that my siblings have taught me:


    • Art of negotiation: With every fight, comes a compromise. My younger siblings have taught me that anything has a price. Yes, doing a week’s worth of my laundry definitely seemed worth it to my brother so he wouldn’t get ratted out for throwing away his report card.
    • Leadership skills: Having two younger siblings has shown me how my behavior can affect them. When being around each other starts to go haywire, I know just what it takes to settle them down before everything escalates.
    • Creative ideas: Babysitting on a Saturday night can get boring. As the oldest sibling, I have had to come up with new ways to entertain the youngins. My personal favorite was having them recreate a zombie apocalypse movie.


  • Patience: Having younger siblings is a test to your patience. Helping them with their homework has by far been the biggest challenge for me. With practice, I have learned to be patient when teaching them new skills and that it just takes time.



All of these skills have helped me become a better public relations professional. To be in this industry, it takes a lot of patience, communication and creativity to thrive. Having 21 years as an older sibling under my belt should be enough experience for my resume.


By Elizabeth Ernster

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