Sugar rush: the chronicle of a cupcake addict

By Sarah Kennedy, Business and Alumni Relations Director

Some may credit it to my sugar problem, but I just call it good PR.
It started a few months ago when I was casually flipping through channels on my TV and I landed on a show–a show all about cupcakes.
Chocolate Birthday. Mint Cookies & Creme. Lava Fudge. Salted Carmel. PB Fudge. Chocolate2 . Chocolate3. Red Velvet. I could go on, but I’ll spare your cravings.
And just like that, 30 minutes later Georgetown Cupcake was No. 1 on my places to visit in Washington, D.C.
Though I had heard nightmare stories from people that the line would be hours long, I was determined.  Luckily the day I went I was the only person dim enough to brave the 20-degree weather (remember I’m from California, so that’s pretty cold) and the line was nonexistent.
I stayed in the store for a few minutes gawking at the menu until I finally ordered. I couldn’t decide so I walked away with four cupcakes (Red Velvet, Chocolate3, Lemon Blossom and Vanilla2).
IMG_0923-1It wasn’t until I was walking away that I realized how much power that show had on my day. I had trekked across the Potomac River, toes and fingers numb, cheeks coated with frozen tears from the wind all for some flour and sugar. That’s when the thought came to me: the bakery’s PR people are geniuses.
DC Cupcakes, a TLC show, chronicles the owner’s (two sisters) lives running the shop and inventing new flavors. While of course you have your reality show dramas that bring in the ratings, I think their true success comes from the fact that they are riding the PR train.
The social media activity is a sugar addict’s dream. They give away free cupcakes to Twitter and Facebook followers almost daily. They have branded themselves into a Georgetown icon. When people hear the word ‘Georgetown’ their minds can wander to sugary treats instead of the nationally ranked Georgetown University.
These two sisters have made people long to walk down the cobblestone streets with that pink box in hand.

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