Surviving Sleep Deprivation

It’s late, like 4 in the morning late, but you absolutely have to finish this project despite having a 9 a.m. class the next day. I’ve learned that running on minimal hours of sleep is sometimes a part of college. Here are some tips I use when I don’t get an adequate amount of sleep.

1. Coffee or Tea:

Seriously, coffee can be a lifesaver when you’re feeling sleepy. Sometimes, it can be the greatest thing ever. One cup can mean the difference between feeling drowsy and losing focus in class, to paying attention and being fully engaged. If you’re not into the coffee, then go with with some tea. Tea with caffeine can keep you from the sleepy feeling just as much as coffee can. Stay away from energy drinks, the short boost of energy isn’t worth the crash.

2. Eat:

If you have a long day of class or work ahead of you, make sure to eat a healthy snack during the day. A healthy lunch or snack will give your body energy to survive the rest of the day. Here are some suggestions for high energy snacks.

3. Power nap:

If you find yourself having to tackle a pile of homework, take a short 20-30-minute power nap to give yourself a boost of energy. Make sure to set an alarm, you don’t want a power nap to turn into a 3-hour nap.

4. Music:

Listen to upbeat music throughout the day to keep your mind in an upbeat and rhythmic state. I find that when I’m walking to class with music playing through my headphones, I’m more focused and feel less like a walking zombie.

These are just some ways I’ve dealt with drowsiness. I hope these tips help you the next time you find yourself yawning throughout the day. For more tips, check out this list.

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