Teamwork at its finest

By Sevie Michl, Account Executive

When people first think of public relations, many come to the conclusion that to succeed in the profession all you need is the ability to write and communicate well with others.

After having multiple internships, and especially in my current TGC internship, I have come to realize how much more is involved with being in public relations.

What people don’t usually realize—including myself before TGC—is how working with other professions outside of PR is vital to completing tasks asked of you by clients.

For example, there are the photographers. Through TGC I have learned the importance of being able to effectively communicate with a photographer on your team. Before this internship I didn’t realize I would ever work with a photographer. What I have learned is that PR professionals communicate with photographers for their stories, websites, blogs and whatever else they may need photos or videos for. I had never really thought about the role a photographer would play in my profession, but am grateful for the work that they provide.

Just like with having photographers there is a heavy design aspect in PR. For instance, one of my clients is a nonprofit organization and it is my team’s job to help market their upcoming fundraising event. After my team writes the material for the event we give it to the designer to make “aesthetically pleasing” material like posters, postcards, banners, etc., that will grab public attention so people read the important information. Being able to work and communicate with a designer is vital throughout the entire PR process.

Yes, I have some skills in InDesign and photography, but nowhere near the skills my designer and photographer have. My team relies on them and their skills to help successfully do our jobs.

Having my internship with TGC has really opened my eyes to what it is like to be involved in a public relations agency. When I thought of PR before now I never really considered what was going on “behind the scenes” and how exactly everything worked. I had never worked with a designer or photographer before and I have to say, the experience has been enlightening and rewarding. My advice to future PR professionals is to not fight the process of working with other professions, but embrace the challenge and process of it all!

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