The Final Countdown

For all of us graduating seniors, we have finally made it to the last two weeks of college.

At the beginning of my senior year I was in awe of how fast my college years had passed. To me it felt like there was no possible way I could already be a senior because the first three years literally felt like they flew by.

They flew, but yet I had experienced so much within those three years, like living in Whitney Hall for an entire year, making the best friends I could possibly imagine during my time in the dorms, spending a semester in Australia, traveling to England and Spain, landing a summer internship with Friends of the Arts and many more experiences that have shaped my college career.

Now, take how fast those three years went by and compare them to how slow my final semester has been. This semester has seemed to go by painfully slow. I think I caught a slight case of senioritis.

It doesn’t help that here at Tehama Group Communications we have a daily ritual of counting down the days until graduation. Each day the board is wiped clean and replaced with a number one less than the day before. When you spend a lot of time in the office it’s hard not to will that number to be smaller.

But, over the course of the semester the number has gotten smaller and I think it is actually what has kept me going. Coming into the office each day and seeing that number go down is a reminder that I am almost done and I just have to push through until that number hits zero.

As a senior who is still finishing general education requirements in their final semester of college, it has been hard to motivate myself to keep going. I am lucky to have been apart of TGC in this final semester because it has helped me stay motivated. This is real life experience I am getting and I am forced to stay on top of my work because I am helping to produce work for actual clients. Client work has translated into my school work and has helped me balance my time.

TGC helped me fight my battle with senioritis. My advice to any senior coming into their final semester is to get involved in a club or internship that you are truly passionate about. It will give your last semester purpose and help you keep that drive to finish strong.