Yellow Chair Chats

September 30, 2014

LinkedIn Grad Guide

        If you’re a recent college grad, or will be graduating in December like myself, searching for your first “real” job can be overwhelmingly terrifying. However, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can make the search less intimidating by allowing you to simply continue something you’re probably […]
September 23, 2014

Digital Media: Breaking Through the Noise

        In today’s world consumers are bombarded with promotional content at every turn, click and “Like” from the second they wake up to the minute before they fall asleep. We wake up and check our phones. We are going to bed and we are on our phone. Then add […]
May 11, 2014

Enjoy Your Summer Break from TGC

Thank you for following our blog during the spring semester. We wish everyone a happy summer and safe travels! Check back in August for new blog posts from our fall 2014 team members.  
May 9, 2014

The World Is Your Canvas

Artwork can be considered to be one of the broadest categories in human culture. Anything and everything can be considered artistic. The idea of what creativity in art could be changes with the observer. I’d like to entertain the notion that as people interact with one another, they leave an […]
May 7, 2014

How Do I Survive My First Full-Time Job?

Now that graduation is right around the corner, reality is probably setting in that you are going to start your new full-time job or you are still in the job hunting process. Let me tell you, having a full-time job is different than being a student. I understand that the […]
May 5, 2014

Email Etiquette: 5 Rules to Follow

If you do it right, email can be your new best friend and make your life SO much easier. Experts say that your email behavior has the potential to sabotage your reputation both personally and professionally. I came up with a list of a few mistakes that people tend to […]