Yellow Chair Chats

April 4, 2014

Business Casual Attire Broken Down

More tips for men: Shirts: Pick shirts either in a solid color or that  have a formal-looking pattern like plaid or oxford. You can wear polo shirts, but make sure there are no big logos on them. Always tuck in your shirt. Pants: Pants should extend to the top of […]
April 2, 2014

The Role Sponsored Content Plays

Sponsored content is a common theme that is seen in Public Relations. It plays a significant role for the agency or business-to-business public relations firms, as well as playing a significant role in the ethics of the company. I hope you enjoy the video.    
March 28, 2014

The Expansion of the Self Through Music

Frederick Nietzsche once said, “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.” Well, I say it is best to have fun and to be happy no matter what that means. If you aren’t dancing because you feel that someone will be […]
March 26, 2014

Mental Training and Memory Mnemonics

One of the most important functions of our minds is memory. It is the basis for everything we do in both our professional and personal lives. A recent interview with a world-class memory champion revealed a lot about what we can do to flex our mental muscles in simple ways […]
March 24, 2014

How Smartphone Games Keep Us Hooked

Does anyone else miss the simple life? What ever happened to a painful yet oddly entertaining game of slug bug, while sticking to the leather seats of your mom’s minivan? It seems as if many people have forgotten those days and have entered a world where smartphones rule their lives. […]
March 14, 2014

Dealing With Anxiety

College is a stressful time, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or superhuman. Chico State does its best to provide students with resources to help them deal with the day-to-day stress that classes, work, internships and socializing bring. But then there are those of us who suffer […]