Yellow Chair Chats

February 28, 2012

Life After the Glory Days

By Becky Edwards, Assistant Account Executive I know for certain I am not the only graduating individual worried about entering the “real world” that is fast approaching in fewer than 90 days. The past four-plus years have been about homework, weekly agency meetings and waiting for allowance on the first […]
February 27, 2012

Taking My TOMS to Ghana

By Colby Smith, Assistant Account Executive and Photographer/Videographer I get questions about all sorts of stereotypes, generalizations and mistruths after I tell people I studied abroad in Africa: Africa is a country. Safaris. Starving children with guns. Jungles surround you. People speak in tongues. And of course I have to […]
February 24, 2012

M. O. H. 101

By Jackie Richardson, Account Executive A wedding can be the happiest time of one’s life … but does anyone think about the exhausting task of being the maid of honor? When my sister asked me to be her maid of honor, I was ecstatic; but then I realized what I […]
February 23, 2012

The Purrrfect PR

 By Ashlee Bischoff, Social Media Director  No, I’m not crazy. No, I don’t sit at home and knit outfits for my cats. No, I don’t have disgusting hygiene. And no, I don’t plan on being a spinster. Why is there such a negative connotation associated with owning a cat? I […]
February 20, 2012

Stitching Out the Stress

By Megan Hoffman, Editorial Assistant It’s a long, tiring day. Many of my peers are preparing to go home and nap, hit the gym, play some video games or even knock back a beer or two. But not me. I’m going home to cross-stitch. Much like needlepoint, cross-stitching creates images […]
February 16, 2012

Lessons for a Lifetime

 By Kelsey Barnes, Account Executive In some places becoming an adult is a highly recognized event that is seen as one of the most exciting points in a person’s life. Many cultures recognize this stage as a “coming of age.” It represents the transition from childhood to adulthood. So when […]