Alternative Jobs for a PR Professional

After four hard years of learning the ins and outs of pitch letters, press releases and media kits– you have come to the conclusion of not pursuing a career in public relations. Don’t fear, this happens with plenty of students in a variety of majors. Students often choose a degree by default because they are uncertain of what they want career-wise in the future.

Post-graduation will be nerve racking not knowing what you want to do, but keep calm. There are plenty of career paths for you to steer down. Studying public relations sets you up with a unique skill set that will set you aside from job competition.


Being that you should already have great communication skills, a job in sales could be a perfect match for you. A good thing about sales is you can go into whatever market you want. For example, if you love technology consider moving to the Bay Area where all the tech companies are. If sports or the outdoors are more your thing, then search for sales jobs related to that market. Another benefit of a sales job is that companies will always need sales people. It is one sector that is protected from robots and machines taking over tasks.


Morgan Dixon
Morgan Dixon, Chico State journalism student. Photo courtesy of Dixon.

Another career option to ponder is becoming a lawyer. You can have any degree imaginable and still apply for law school. Every PR graduate should be equipped with strong reading, writing and communication skills. Applying and getting into a law school should not be that unfamiliar. Senior journalism and public relations major Morgan Dixon at Chico State is planning on going to law school after she graduates.

“A degree in journalism and public relations has given me a unique perspective on the ways attorneys can advertise their services to potential clients without violating legal and ethical restraints,” Dixon said.

The only key thing to keep in mind is that you will be in school for at least three more years.


Careers in both sales and law have the potential to put more money in your bank account than a traditional entry-level public relations job. But what about something more exotic? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an actor or actress? Brad Pitt and Halle Berry both have degrees in journalism.

There really is no limitation to what you can do with a public relations degree. A little bit of motivation and research can go a long way when hunting for that dream job. Keep your options open and do not get intimidated by daunting job descriptions when searching around. You already went through the hard part of getting a degree, now use the skills you have gained and go be the best… whatever you want to be!

By Nicholas Bragg, Assistant Account Executive

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