Bridging the Gap Between Passion of Pop Culture and Public Relations

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By: Mariela Marquez

As we approach the finish line of our college careers, most of us get stuck in limbo headspaces trying to figure out where we want to go once we’re done. For the four years I’ve been in college, the public relations world seemed almost like a dream, realistic enough in my head but not actually tangible. Even with an internship, school was always a comfort level I could come back to because it grounded me. 

Where do we go from here? How do we figure out where we want to go? 

In order to know what you want to do with your degree in public relations, first find out what you’re passionate about. I came into public relations because I wanted to find a career where I could work with people. I found the bridge between writing about what I love and doing it with people who also love that. That’s the beauty of the job, collaboration. 

My first introduction to public relations was freshman year of high school. I spent my days fangirling over One Direction and obsessing over which new PR stunt popped up, specifically the one between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

 I still believe #Haylor was fake. 

Because of this, when I first came into the program I believed my career after graduation was going to consist of orchestrating fake relationships for celebrities. I figured if I couldn’t get into the entertainment world with my talent then I would get in by working behind the scenes. Looking back my assumptions weren’t 100% accurate. 

While doing class projects where I had the ability to incorporate my love for pop culture, I discovered that this is what I wanted to write about for the rest of my adult life. It came easy to me because I was writing to people who were interested in the same thing I was interested in. If your job consists of two of your favorite things, how could you ever be miserable?

I came into the program with a passion for pop culture and a passion for writing. Public relations opened the door of opportunity for me to potentially work hands-on with both. 

“I came into the program with a passion for pop culture and a passion for writing. Public relations opened the door of opportunity for me to potentially work hands-on with both.”

That’s another wonderful thing about the public relations world, it’s so broad. Everybody needs PR therefor your options aren’t limited. If you have multiple interests, you can incorporate them in some form to fit your job. PR Daily says it best, it’s not a “one-size fits all profession” because there are jobs available to fit you and whatever your interests are.

If you don’t know what personal interests mix well with your career, you can start a brainstorm of your hobbies. Find the industry that would never be ruined for you if that’s all you are living and breathing. But like PR Daily says, one of the reasons to love PR is because “there is never a dull moment”. You are storytelling, pitching, creating and learning constantly. Imagine doing all of that for things you actually enjoy, dull moments will be few and far between. 

I look forward to jumping into the public relations world by helping the people I admire to grow their brands. To be able to say I contributed to the legacy that the entertainment world leaves behind. Who knows, maybe even my teenage dream of dating Harry Styles will come true. 

These moments are the most crucial and scary for all of us about to graduate, but knowing that you have an idea of where you want to go after can bring some comfort. This is not to say that if you’re not doing what you love, then your work isn’t valid. But if you’re doing what you love, then enjoying life post-grad might be a little easier.

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