Collaborating with other designers

As graphic designers, it seems to be common place for us to find ourselves trapped inside of our own creative bubble, ignorant to the outside creative world that surrounds us. The problem here is when we don’t allow that bubble to pop, any good design or aesthetic inside of it will be trapped forever and never have the chance to grow. It is with the collaboration of other designers that our ideas begin to take a more compelling approach.

Each designer has their own mastered skill set unique to that individual. The key to design is understanding that there are areas of your work that still have room to grow. When working with other designers, it can be helpful to begin with a simple conversation. You might discuss strengths, weaknesses, inspiration, motivation or even how your Saturday night was! Whatever it may be, open a dialogue, and become familiar.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone if you do or don’t like their work. The best criticisms often pair a pro with a con–what is working and what isn’t. It is crucial to always be open and honest with your colleague designer–nobody wants to hear filtered thoughts about their design concept. Analyze and consider their direction, and then speak up and have a conversation about it. This is where the collaboration is able to take full effect: opening a dialogue and discussing each other’s work without directly comparing one to the other.

The best lessons you’ll learn will come from your collaborative efforts and conversations with other designers. Stay confident and happy designing!

Written by Cole Euell

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