Companies Killing the YouTube Game

A lot of companies are looking for ways to reach customers, but haven’t exactly found the correct platform to do so. Here’s a list of companies, in different industries, that are excelling on YouTube.

  1. PlayStation


The gaming giant PlayStation has over 4.2 million subscribers, which is 3 million more than its biggest competitor Xbox. There is never a dry week on the PlayStation channel. They upload more than 15 videos a week, keeping their loyal subscribers on the up-and-up with the latest game trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, in-game moments, tips and tricks and exclusive sneak peeks.

  1. GQ


With over 600 thousand subscribers, the men’s lifestyle magazine GQ stunts on all of its magazine competition in the YouTube realm. With the promise of new videos every week, GQ has offered its subscribers a view into the life of their favorite celebrities. Its current feature video is Justin Bieber proving it is possible to skateboard in a suit.

  1. Vevo


Vevo is one of the most trusted and viewed source on YouTube when it comes to viewing your favorite artist’s music video, as well as getting behind the scenes footage to that video. With 11.7 million subscribers, Vevo seems to be utilizing YouTube as an extension of their site.

  1. Red Bull


With over 5 million subscribers, and over 1.4 billion views Red Bull is obliterating its energy drink competitors. With the channel’s heavy focus on extreme sports and its own web series, it covers a lot ground and pulls in audiences from all over. Also, Red Bull posts quite frequently and allows subscribers to stay up to date with extreme sport competition highlights. Its current feature video is Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs pranking a community college team.

  1. Sephora


Sephora holds the most YouTube subscribers in the makeup realm. However, with over 64.14 million views, don’t let the humble following of a little over 500 thousand fool you. Sephora posts videos frequently of tips and tricks its audience wants to know. The current (and rather timely) featured video on their homepage is a “What’s in my bag: Music Festival edition” which is definitely helpful to those who love a good smoky eye, but also love to feel fresh and clean in the desert.

Across the board, these notable companies are killing the YouTube game in their industries. Yes, they’re all pretty up there in terms of being easily identifiable, but is definitely their video frequency and relevance that make their videos worth watching.

What do you think about the list? Are you subscribed to any of the companies above? Comment below!

Written by Prin Mayowa, Assistant Account Executive

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