Creativity, what is it?

By: Sophia Morrow

Creativity exists in everyday life, it is not about following ‘rules.’ Creativity is meant for us to be our most authentic self. From making breakfast, to doing one’s hair. It is the way we do things, view things, think and produce things. However, in the workforce, being a titled creative may differ slightly. What defines a creative? 

“Creativity exists in everyday life, it’s not about following ‘rules’.”

For starters, there is a difference when comparing a creative person to a ‘creative’ job title. I consider all people to be creative. Some are just talented in certain areas. There are entirely different ways to be creative. In the workforce, a ‘creative’ is generally someone with an artistic eye. A graphic designer, photographer, videographer, artistically inclined in general. Other positions within the company may be included in the creative group.

The Process

When working with a group or client, it is essential to go through the creative process. We must ask ourselves the necessary questions before anything else. “What is it we are creating?” “Who is our client?” “What is the message, and objective?” Once we have formed a clear understanding of the soon to be product, we can then move forward.

It’s different to work individually versus with one other person, but to create something with detail and precision, this process is extremely helpful.

Next, we form a variety of sketches or simplified versions of the ideas we have for the product. This would be tablet or pencil and paper doodles. It is always easier, in this stage, to sketch many different ideas than to only have a few.  If we were to proceed with a few ideas and get too deep in the process, there is a higher chance of having to start all over again.  

This entire process works for many jobs. Whether it’s writing, construction drafting, or designing, it is beneficial to have a path to follow in regards to when you have solid ground of sketches, you must meet with your creative group to go over what each of you brought to the table. Then meet the client and review ideas. Let’s say we get the okay and begin the design process. Whether it’s Photoshop or Illustrator, this is the time to gather all information and materials to design!

After a few designs have been made, this will be reviewed by group members for feedback. Next we will bring these to the client. The following steps will truly depend on the client’s opinions and comments. If there needs to be changes, go back and fix the project until the clients are satisfied. 

“Never overload yourself. This will cause personal fatigue and not allow for quality work.” – SchMeist


From personal experience, I have done all of the wrong things, unintentionally, but of course this has taught me something. After over working, not giving myself enough time, and being stressed, I can say I have improved my skills in all areas. I can attributte this to the work I have done alongside my peers.

Aside from being a creative. I would also be considered an artist. Not just because of painting or creating, but expressing myself for greater purpose. That’s how I began anyways.

“I think what makes someone an artist, is they make models of their inner life, they make something physically come into being, that is inspired by their emotions or their needs or, what they feel the audience needs.” – Jim Carrey

Coming from an artistic, hippie household, I think I was in a lot of ways free. I was able to explore where and who I wanted to be. I always loved art and appreciated how things were created. When I think about this quote from Jim Carrey, it sort of takes me back to my roots. I look back on where I began while thinking about the now. It helps me remember why I am here. It’s never about that ‘perfect’ life. For me it’s a bit of a deeper understanding. The ultimate goal. When I think about the here and now, I think about my happiness. If all life ends, why are there so many cares? People get tied up in their own bubble and forget about the entire planet doing the same thing. I have finally reached a point in my life to know where I stand. My only true goal in life is to achieve true happiness. It’s not about the amount of money I make. It is about the hands I shake and all of the people that I meet and get to share experiences with. For me connection is happiness. A huge part of being a creative, is the ability to meet an entirely different world of people. 

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