Don’t Procrastinate in a Professional Setting

By: Nick Denton

As college students, we often procrastinate assignments because we think we have the time. As journalism students, we are always working toward a deadline. On multiple occasions I have left a big assignment until the night before it was due and I have never failed to get it done, these results reinforced the idea that this practice was okay.  

However, there is a major difference between an assignment for a class and work done in a professional setting. For a class, your work only affects you and if you fail, it’s your life and your grade. In a professional setting, your work can have an impact on many people such as your co-workers, boss, clients and customers.

You need to give yourself time to work on projects before the deadline so your work can be approved.

There are so many excuses you can make for yourself as to why you are procrastinating. You’re having a bad day, have too much other work to do, you’re stressed out or you work better on a deadline. Just get something done, it doesn’t have to be perfect. From there you can make edits over time to perfect it.

It is better to begin thinking about assignments and projects ahead of time, brainstorming and jotting down notes as you go through your day. When something pops in your head that could help with work, don’t overthink it, just write it down.

If you know that your deadline is going to interfere with personal matters or plans with family or friends, get it done before then. It will make your life much more enjoyable.

Personally, I have been terrible about this during my college career. Only recently, with a taste for professional work have I began to understand the importance of planning ahead and working on things over time, rather than cramming at the last minute.

It makes life easier for everyone involved when you knock assignments out of the way early and are able to improve upon your work through peer and mentor feedback. It is crucial for producing the best quality work from yourself and people will enjoy working with you more.   

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