The Dos and Don’ts of Office Wear

Untitled-1We’ve all been there. You’ve tried on 20 different outfits and nothing looks just right. It’s either too scandalous with that plunging neckline or flat-out too frumpy.

In today’s age, there are too many interpretations of what it means to be business formal and business casual that it could
make your head spin.

But after conducting some thorough research—thank you Rachel Zoe—I have found several tips that help with those rough mornings when you have nothing to wear while staying stylish.


  1. Make a friend before entering the workplace

Hasn’t everyone on LinkedIn stalked at one point or another? So put that stalking to use and message someone you’d like to
be friends with from your new office! Ask them what the typical attire is for employees, that way you aren’t too over or underdressed.

  1. Leave the minis at home

If you have to ask yourself “Is this too short?” the answer is almost always yes. Avoid it and save it for your weekend endeavors. Bottoms (skirts or shorts) should be at or below the knee, any further up might make you appear a little promiscuous. You don’t want to be that girl at the office. The same goes low-cut shirts. Ladies, cleavage is a 100 percent no for any office environment, whether it be casual or formal. Don’t do it.

  1. Wear a fun lipstick

If you’re a makeup lover, try a fun bright pink or red. But keep in mind if you decide to go with a statement lipstick, the rest of your face needs to look clean and polished. Try Ruby Woo from MAC. It’s a beautiful deep, matte red. The same goes for eyes. If you are doing a light (keyword light) smoky eye, keep your lips more natural. NOTE: Don’t be the clown of the office. Keep everything moderate and classy.

  1. Add a statement necklace

A fun necklace can make any outfit go from drab to fab. You also don’t need to spend a fortune to find a perfect office necklace. Try this necklace from Forever 21. The chain detail is a big trend and looks great with a cute blouse!

  1. Avoid “sexy” shoes

The general rule is nothing more than 3-inches tall belongs in the office. Regardless of the rule if you are dressing casual or formal, there are so many options for shoes. Your shoes don’t have to be a basic heel, especially with the cold coming! Try these booties from Nordstrom. On almost all websites you can sort by the style and height of the heel you are looking for. Utilize all your resources!


Above all else, use your best judgment. Just think, “Would I want my boss seeing me in this?” If the answer is maybe or no, don’t risk it. Keep it classy, but stay true to yourself.

– By Kylie Ramos, account executive

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