Everythings Coming Up 90s

Take a look around, doesn’t it seem like something’s familiar? One thing I’ve noticed about 2013 is that it feels like America was thrown in a time warp back into the 1990s. Despite extremely low gas prices and entertaining Saturday morning cartoons, the nation has taken on a 90s feel.

First off, if you’re looking to see a movie, you can go watch Jurassic Park 3D. The film that originally came out in theaters in 1993 is back in 3D. It’s great for those who were too young to see it in theaters when it first came out.

Another nostalgic trend I’ve noticed is the return of grunge fashion and throwback sports clothing. Nirvana T-shirts and classic band shirts are scattered throughout stores like Forever 21. Acid wash jeans, combat style boots and studded accessories are popular again for young women. For men, snapback styled hats with reissued classic designs are popular and sold in many stores.

Other nostalgic trends I’ve noticed today are the boy-band revival and the return of classic television shows. If you haven’t heard already, a Boy Meets World spin-off called Girl Meets World is currently being filmed and even features the original Cory and Topanga.

There also are so many boy-bands in the pop music world again, that it reminds me of the days when just about every pre-teen girl was crazy about N’sync.

Last but not least, seems like the world also has a new Vanilla Ice.

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