Flying Feelings

Can you imagine your body being forced back into its chair, as an invisible weight is pushing you down further and further? You peek out the small, round window as the world around you races by. The passenger next to you shifts to look out the window as well, blocking your view. Forced to just feel, you can sense your body lifting upward. Now reclined in your chair, your head facing toward the heavens, the feeling of total lift gives you pause. Weightless. Free. Flight.


I was able to calculate how many times I’ve had this experience at over 150 in the year 2017 alone. Every time I went through the process of flying anywhere, I found that I had new experiences and new skills.  The following is a list of the top four skills I was to gather while traveling:


Organization: The amount of organizational skill that goes into packing a single, carry-on suitcase meant to hold a week’s worth of clothes is on par to playing advanced tetris.


Time Management: When you’re traveling with a family of five, you need to know how to plan out how long it takes to get to the airport, print tickets, go through security, find the gate and have spare time in case of a mishap somewhere in between. Not to mention the need to be there 30 minutes before the plane takes off, as that is usually the time when the boarding process begins.


Patience: Not only can finding the right plane and price be frustrating, but the line for security can take up time and patience, especially when the anxiety of not making it on time to your flight is involved. This is in addition to the patience one sometimes needs when you’re on the plane and may not be next your ideal seat-mate.  


Communication: When dealing with airlines and airports you’re not entirely familiar with, it’s always best to be able to thoroughly communicate with signs and employees. The need for directions, services and idle chats can become important in settings where you’re dealing with time-sensitive transportation.  


While this is not an exhaustive list of the things I have learned from my travels, it does give indication to my ability to learn, adapt and read my surroundings. These are the fundamental elements that I believe are key to a successful career in public relations.  They are also key to improving myself not just on the planes I fly on, but in everyday situations.

By: Holly Kraeber

Photo provided by: Holly Kraeber

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