How to Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Office’s Business Professional Dress Code

Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash

By: Yaritza Ayon

Offices more often than not require their employees to dress business professional when they’re working. Here’s some ways to be creative and stylish with your professional wardrobe. It’s good to express ourselves through our clothing even when there’s restrictions, it shows one’s creativity and personality.

Wear cool shoes

They usually make the outfit. A lot people look at your shoes first, so wear some cute kitten heels or platform boots to give you some height and edge.  

Patterns and colors are your best friends

A plain top with a patterned bottom, easy. It’s like when you wear a dress and it seems like you tried really hard but you didn’t. Now for colors, you can go the monochromatic route that makes you look really put together or you can wear a bold primary color to add a flare to your outfit.

Try different hairstyles

Trying a new hairstyle adds a lot to your look. A sleek high pony shows you’re stylish but also serious. A topknot bun is an easy effortless look that’s cute but also professional.

Use different textures

Wearing textures like corduroy or velvet really stand out. Wear a corduroy bottom or a velvet top, but I wouldn’t mix those textures together. If you want more of a professional fabric texture try either silk, chiffon or satin.


They aren’t statement necklaces for no reason, so wear one if you’re up for it. If you want to show that you have a loud personality wear those loud jangle bracelets (kidding), but wear a bold color accessory to tie your soft tone outfit. Choker scarves are in right now, they give you a cool 70s look and an easy ‘cherry on top’ to your look. You can also turn that choker scarf into a hair accessory.


It’s already a great form of expression, so add a bold lip and a cateye. If you aren’t about that look, you can always do a minimal dewy look with a bright highlight and neutral tone eyeshadow that gives a little pop.

You don’t need to limit yourself, make it a challenge to express your style within an office dress code setting. Use some tools like Pinterest to get inspiration for your style.

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