Life After College

As college students, sometimes we forget we’ve been in school for the majority of our lives. The closer we get to graduating from our four-year institution, the sooner we are left to wonder, “what will life be like now after college?”
Some of us have been thinking of graduation with enthusiasm and some of us have no idea how to feel about the whole idea of entering the “real world.”  The transition is unavoidable, but it serves as a fundamental key to a successful path.

This transition from college student to working professional affects almost all aspects of our life. The idea of adapting to work should not be so surprising, but adapting to a new life outside of work can be challenging. In the process of looking for a helpful guide on how to approach a new chapter in my life, I came across an article titled simply, Life After College.”

The article pointed out several tips that will come in handy as the “real world” arrives.  Some of the tips included making new friends, setting goals and networking wisely.

According to Economic Collapse, “53 percent of recent graduates in America are either employed or unemployed.” One can see this situation as a glass half full or half empty; the fact of the matter is everyone comes to the point in their life where they must face challenges.

As college graduates, we are told that our best years are officially done as soon as we step off the podium and the “real world has begun.” Many of us will land our ideal job in our respective fields and some will take a different direction we had never imagined.

If college has taught me anything it is that one must learn how adjust and adapt to any situation, it’s what makes the difference between being a student and becoming a successful and responsible adult.

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