Life After the Glory Days

By Becky Edwards, Assistant Account Executive

I know for certain I am not the only graduating individual worried about entering the “real world” that is fast approaching in fewer than 90 days.

The past four-plus years have been about homework, weekly agency meetings and waiting for allowance on the first of every month.

I know that I will soon have to come to terms that this will end, but I honestly don’t want to.

Reality is about to hit all of us… fast.

I like to think I plan ahead; though I still find myself doing a project the night before it is due and staying up late doing last-minute studying.

There is one thing that I have planned ahead for: finding a job after college.

Let’s be honest – the last thing most of us want to do is move home with our parents and work at the local coffee shop. We want to utilize our degrees and start our careers.

Here are some helpful tips for job-hunting:

  • Network. Everyone says it’s about who you know, not what you know. Networking has definitely helped me out tremendously during this stressful time. Talk to people every chance you get. You never know – that person sitting next to you might be the CEO of your favorite company.

  • Be professional. Make sure everything that the public can see about you is professional. Your social media platforms should not be filled with pictures from your college glory days. Remember that anything on the Internet is always out there. Clean it up.

  • Follow up. After all interviews and/or meetings, ALWAYS send a follow-up or thank you note. Employers want to know that you were appreciative of their time and interested in their company. It also helps them remember you.

  • Keep a portfolio. Having an online portfolio makes it easy for employers to see all your amazing work.

Be yourself, show off your amazing work and good luck to you all!

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