Not Stopping Anytime Soon

By Cheyenne King, Account Executive

s I was casually driving to a banquet in high school, freshly 16 and in my nice new car, I accidentally forgot to stop completely at a stop sign. I know, I know – rookie move, but being a new driver is just too exciting and I was in a hurry for no good reason. Seconds later, after I swiftly passed through the intersection, I noticed that familiar white and black car with flashing lights following me. I thought if I pretended that I was turning into the next neighborhood he would somehow forget about me and not try to pull me over. Wrong, Cheyenne.

As I shakily tried to find my license and registration (I gave him every paper in my glovebox hoping he knew what my registration looked like), the nice police officer asked if I was aware I ran the stop sign. Teary eyed, I tried to apologize many times and explained I was late to a prestigious award ceremony (thinking that if he thought I was important, he would let me off easy). Little did I know, another interesting trait about myself would be the ticket out of getting a ticket.

As the police officer took my license and registration and walked back to his car, he paused and then hurriedly came back to my window. I, of course, thought the worst and was certain I was going to be arrested for who knows what.

“Is your name really Cheyenne Wyoming King?” asked the police officer.

“Yes … I promise it’s not a fake ID! I’m only 16!” I replied.

Turns out Cheyenne, Wyo. was the police officer’s favorite spot to vacation, and he goes there every summer. We continued to have a conversation about how I want to visit, what his favorite restaurants are there and when he will return. This was followed by him not giving me a ticket but instead a smile and, “Have a great day Cheyenne Wyoming!”My name being unique has helped me get out of tickets, gotten me unwanted attention on the first day of school by the professors asking me to stand up because they wanted to know who Cheyenne Wyoming was, and people remembering me. This is the part that is the most important, especially since the dreaded post-graduation life is quickly approaching.

Being unique and standing out in an interview is crucial but only if you are standing out in the
right way. It can be a very fine line between them remembering you for being something negative or outrageous, or because you blew them away with your brilliant responses. Either way, setting yourself apart from the crowd is necessary in this game of job hunting.

If you are trying too hard to be funny, witty or complementary, it could be detrimental to your short time with the interviewer. But at the same time, charming the audience can be the difference between getting a call back. In this article, being personable, at ease and wowing the interviewer with something unique are some tips for success.

Since I was 16, I’ve been pulled over once more for accidentally not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. That time, the police officer clearly didn’t vacation much.

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