PR Stereotypes

By Heather Wilson, Assistant Account Executive
Considering we are at the final month of the year, I find myself only two weeks shy of graduating college and entering the real world.  With that said, I am constantly asked by my family and friends, “What are you going to do with your life?” or “Do you have a job?” 
When I tell them my answer, that I am entering the world of public relations, the most common response I hear is, “Oh, you’re a PR girl … ”
Public relations is an industry that appears to be bombarded with the most stereotypes. 
Due to the infamous HBO show “Sex and the City” and reality TV show “The Hills,” the media has portrayed public relations to be one of the most glamorous jobs ever.  These shows make public relations look like the daily duties of a practitioner consists of attending fashion shows, socializing at parties and receiving numerous amounts of free goods. 
However, the reality is, PR consists of dealing with multiple personalities on a daily basis, juggling multiple client accounts and constantly checking your inbox. 
Here are some common PR girl stereotypes:
·   They worship hashtags more than shoes
·   They have a great understanding of culture and current events
·   They always wear black
·   Their life is like Samantha Jones
·   They are workaholics

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