Seniors: How To Help Your Career During Quarantine

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By: Christina Arias

The Class of 2020 will forever be remembered as the Class of Quarantine. As Chico State seniors return from spring break to online classes, it can seem like school is optional right now, but that isn’t the case at all. The pandemic has brought the world to a standstill where a lot of us don’t know what our future holds. As we watch the brave frontline of responders try to get a hold of this virus, a lot of us are forced to stay home and can start feeling lost. Our timelines have shifted, our classes look different and those job applications may not seem so promising anymore, but it doesn’t mean we should stop working toward our goals.

“Our timelines have shifted, our classes look different and those job applications may not seem so promising anymore, but it doesn’t mean we should stop working toward our goals.”

Let’s take a look at some of the things you could be doing right now to help guide you in this time of the unknown.

1. Clean Up Your Resume

It’s the perfect time to sit down with your resume and make any changes you want. Maybe apply that creative layout you’ve always wanted to try or rewrite the copy on the entire thing! Check out this article from Girlboss that helps you write that pesky summary at the top.

2. Create a Website

We all should have enough content to put into our portfolios even if we think we don’t. Search your computer for old classwork that can be added to your portfolio. You’ll be surprised and proud to see all your work in one place. Now take it a step further and create a website to aesthetically showcase your work and your personal brand. Check out places like Squarespace and Wix to help you get started.

3. Connect with People

Use this time to connect with alumni, old classmates and professors through email or LinkedIn. Ask them how they’re doing during this time and what advice they may have for you. Also, look into online workshops and groups that get together for video chats. When you virtually connect with people who have the same interests as you will make you feel less alone. Nature and Intent, a conscious content branding company, hold weekly Instagram Lives and workshops on their website that connect its audience.

4. Consider Your Options

If the workforce doesn’t feel like something you are ready for anymore try weighing your alternative options. Look out for summer internships or even fall internships. Consider applying to grad school and get more information about your options. Look up different programs you may be interested in from different schools. Some great programs I discovered were USC’s Master of Science in Digital Social Media and The University of Alabama’s Bama By Distance program.  

5. Take Some Time for Self-Care

Most importantly, take some time to care for yourself. This pandemic and global pause are unprecedented. There aren’t a lot of answers to all of our questions but keep asking them. Stay curious about the world around you, but also take a break to let your mind ease up. Make dinner with what you have available at home, listen to some music or do an at-home workout. How ever you prioritize your week, make sure to include some time for self-care. This app offers a free month’s access to home workouts and meal plans.

Being quarantined at home not only keeps us safe but also gives us a lot of extra time we didn’t have before. The world has forced us to stop for a moment whether we want to or not. Instead of sulking in the negative of this pandemic, it can be helpful to look at the silver linings we find every day. Maybe you get to actually enjoy your cup of coffee longer in the morning than you usually would, or you get a chance to sit at home with your dog at noon which you’ve never been able to do before. Whatever it is, enjoy the little moments and use your extra time wisely. We will all get through this together and I am confident the Class of Quarantine is as resilient as ever.

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