Social Media Management

By Ashley Shaffer, Social Media Director

I bet if you threw a paper airplane in a crowded room it would hit someone who uses at least two types of social media.

Of course this is just my guess, but a recent study found that half of all Americans are using a social networking site. A report by Nielsen published last month stated that 22.5 percent of time spent online is used for social media and blogs.

It has also been noted that women, specifically between the ages of 19 and 29 use social media far more than men — way to go, ladies! And to top it all off, about 43 percent of U.S. businesses use social media.

So what does this mean?

Well, if you’re a college student graduating in the near future and planning on going through the hiring process of your dream job, you may want to work on your social networks. Especially if you are in public relations, business or advertising fields, it is important to do content management for yourself.

Many of us use social media to connect with friends and family, but did you know that many companies will find you on social networking sites before they hire you.

Yep, that’s right: Your resume and cover letter aren’t enough in today’s business world. 

Some helpful tips on managing yourself on social media:

  • If you want to land a job you should consider having a presence on social media. 
  • If you have anything on your social network that your mother wouldn’t approve of, assume your future boss won’t either. 
  • Having a social media presence may not apply to all jobs; however, no matter what industry you plan to go into in the future, check your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other accounts. 
  • If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, get one! It is by far one of the best tools for networking and connecting with industries. It gets your resume out there and visible to those you wish to work for down the line. 
  • Just because you have super-locked-down privacy settings on your accounts doesn’t mean businesses can’t hack into them to get a sense of who you are. 
  • Remember to keep your social networks appropriate — don’t bash others, don’t use foul language — yet keep your personality visible. Companies like those who stand out.

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  1. I like your advice on privacy settings. Just because you may have super-secure settings won’t necessarily stop a future employer from asking you to log in to your account, or from sending a friend request your way.

    And isn’t PR all about transparency?!

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