Budgeting Through Life

One of the key things I have struggled with while attending college is budgeting. At the start of the month I feel like I have enough money to last, but then two weeks later I am wondering where my money has gone and how I am going to make it to the end. I bet everyone has been in this struggle at one point or another. And the areas in like that take our money vary from person to person like clothes, groceries, or eating out too much.

Below are a list of tips that have helped me with managing my budget and helping me save some cash here and there:

Tip 1:Realistic About Your Budget

Start by focusing on how much money you are going to have for the month. Then figure out how much you are willing to budget per each spending category like rent, groceries, bills, restaurants, clothes, etc. This helps to give you an overall idea of the budget you will be working with for the month or year even.

Tip 2: Guess High for Expenses

Doing this will give you wiggle room later on during the month. For instance, you thought you were going to have to pay $60 per week for groceries but two of the weeks you only spent $40. So that extra crash can be used for another category or put into your savings.

Tip 3: Always Keep Your Goal in Mind

Whether that goal is to save for a place after college or just to save for a trip coming up, it is always good to keep a goal in mind. This allows you to always be aware of your spending and keep you on track so you don’t accidently go roaming through a clothing websites and buy 5 different scarves just cause you can.

Tip 4: Cant Keep Track of Paper, Use an App!

The need to save every paper receipt and to store them somewhere sounds impossible and just annoying. Plus nowadays nobody goes anywhere without their phone so why not use an app. An app that I use to budget my expenses and love is Mint. This connects with your bank account and breaks up your expenses into categories. You can set the amount you are willing to spend in each category and Mint will alert you when you are getting close to passing that limit. It also allows you to get savings goals for yourself. Overall it is really easy use to use and designed beautifully.

For more info on the app:


Tip 5: Minimize Your Plastic

The amount of credit cards you can open nowadays baffle me. Whether it is through your bank or at one of your favorites stores the possibilities seem endless and all to tempting. The best thing you can do is minimize the number of cards you open because managing all those various accounts can be confusing and lead to forgetfulness.

Tip 6: Stuff Happens!

Above all never forget that life is unexpected and that if your bust your budget on something that you really wanted to do that week it okay, just make it up next week!

I know once I get out of college the need to budget will be that much more important because bills and expenses that I haven’t even thought about now will become apart of my life. So think ahead and master the art of budgeting because money makes the world go round!Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.54.30 PM

by Rachel Frazer, graphic designer














Snapping Back Into School Mode

As we creep into September, it becomes evident that summer is coming to an end and fall semester is in full effect. Considering it is the second week of school, we should all be in school mode, right? Well, not exactly. In case you aren’t completely prepared for what lies ahead, I have a few tips to help you get there. It can be easy if you do it right. In fact, it can be kind of fun.

Make time to eat!

After a summer of spoiling yourself with delicious homemade food and restaurant meals, it can be hard to stock your own fridge again, let alone make meals. With schedules jam-packed with classes throughout the day, it can be hard to even find time to eat.

Here are some tips:

1. Try to buy snacks and small meals that are easy to bring to school or work. Vegetables, fruit, crackers, Trail mix, salads and small sandwiches are all great foods that you can grab-and-go.

2. If you are on campus all day, try using Wildcat Dollars to purchase food! By clicking here, you can add money to your student ID card and use it at any of the campus food stations.  They carry items such as fruit, sandwiches, salads, snacks, drinks and much more.  It is a quick and easy way to fill yourself up.


Find time to exercise

With a busy schedule, adding exercise into your daily routine can seem like a tough challenge.  Even though exercising can be a drag, especially when you’re tired, it can be a great way to de-stress, clear your mind and remain healthy. Here are several ways to get a workout in during the week.

1. Attend classes at the WREC Center:

The WREC Center is open every day of the week and offers over a dozen group exercise classes.  Each class ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and focuses on various aspects of the body.  A list of class descriptions can be found in the WREC section of the Associated Students website.  Make sure to check out the schedule to see which classes best fit your busy day.

2. Try exercising at home:

If you can’t make it to the gym, try simple exercises that you can do in a few minutes at home. I use the Nike Training Club app.  It serves as my personal trainer that is available at my convenience.  I can choose workouts that meet my needs, listen to audio instructions, track workout results and share workouts with friends.   The workout section of Pinterest has great workout routines as well.


Stay Organized & use apps!?

School calls for serious organization skills. Having a planner is the first step to organization. However, sometimes organization doesn’t seem like enough. Here are two apps that I have found extremely helpful.

1.Snap2PDF: I love this app. You can take pictures of anything, handouts, a page in a textbook, etc. and turn it into a PDF that you can then email to yourself. You can also create multipage documents that you can convert into one PDF instead of having a bunch of separate ones.

2. IStudiezPro: This app is great because it is tailored toward students and you can use it to manage your classes.  The app allows you up upload your entire schedule and then add individual assignments and notes into each class section.  It is a great way to stay organized and ensure you don’t miss assignments.

Boosting Productivity With Social Apps

Being the social media director here at Tehama Group, I felt it was only right to do my videoblog about three of my favorite social media iOS apps that I’ve got on my Apple devices right now. Not only do I have an iPhone, but I also use an iPad and my Macbook Pro to do my work, so having applications that run cross-device is a big deal for me.

Check out this brief video about the three apps I currently love the most, all which have a social media aspect to them! All are free, and two out the the three are available for Android as well as iOS! Rockmelt, Hootsuite and Wunderlist 2 have not only helped me to increase my productivity this semester, but are absolutely awesome to use and gorgeously designed. Check them out!

Apps That Make Life Easier

 By David Anaya, Graphic Designer

If you’re a graphic designer, you know how important project management is. Juggling multiple projects with tight deadlines can be extremely stressful, but when done effectively, it can be easy as pie. My final semester of college has been my busiest thus far, but these resources have done a great job in preventing me from being overwhelmed.

  1. Dropbox & Google Drive
These cloud file-storage services have been a tremendous help in workflow. As long as a computer has internet access, one can work from virtually anywhere. Dropbox is currently having a free storage space giveaway for college students, cleverly entitled the “Space Race.” All you have to do is enter your college ID, and 3GB of free storage space is added to your account for two years. Additional space is also granted depending on the amount of Space Race registered students from your school, so signing up not only benefits yourself, but also the collective student body.

  1. Evernote
Why weigh yourself down with physical notebooks in your backpack when you can have all your notes synchronized and editable on your laptop and smartphone? “Capture anything, access anywhere, find things fast” is displayed on the service’s website, accurately representing how easy it is to use the program. One can take notes on a school computer and have it immediately synced to their home computer, laptop and smartphone. Evernote has even partnered with Moleskine to create the Smart Notebook for those who enjoy physically writing notes. One can write in the book with a dark inked pen, take a picture of the page on an iPod, iPhone or iPad, and the page image is uploaded to your account. Evernote can even recognize your text, if you have good handwriting, and make your handwritten notes digitally searchable.

  1. Wunderlist
Similar to Evernote, this task management application can also synchronize data from their web platform to all of your digital devices. To-do lists can also be shared with friends or co-workers to help keep track of any collaborative project that you might have.

These apps have made my last semester of college much more manageable, I hope they can help you in the same way!