Bottled Personality

Having a reusable water bottle seems like second nature here in Chico. Aside from the many benefits that come from reusable bottles, our water bottles show others who we are by how we choose to decorate them. Whether it’s a sticker repping your organizations or your favorite food spot in town, our bottles allow us to give people a glimpse of our personality.








Photo Credit: Amber Speciale

Some people may say that decorating your reusable bottle is purely to easily identify it, others may see it as a way to express themselves to those around them. Personally, I choose to decorate my reusable water bottles because it not only allows me to keep track of them, but it allows me to show people my personality and interests.








Photo Credit: Amber Speciale

Other than being a personal statement, reusable bottles have significant benefits. According to Ban the Bottle the five top benefits of a reusable bottle include:

  1. Better for our environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels and toxins released into the air during production
  2. Durable, stylish and can help you decrease your carbon footprint
  3. Tap water is more cost-efficient, Bottled water can cost up to 500 times the cost of tap water
  4. Using a BPA and lead free reusable bottle is healthier for you and your family
  5. Convenience as most public facilities have water fountains to fill up your water bottle

Many people think these facts are common knowledge, yet millions of plastic bottles are purchased daily. Chico State students not only take their environment into consideration but also do it with style and personality.

unnamedPhoto Credit: Amber Speciale

Wanting to jazz up your personal bottles but need some inspiration? Check out this e-how article for some ideas to get you started. If you are trying to decide to keep your bottle clean and new looking, or adding some personal flare, make sure you have fun with it and play around with color, textures and different embellishments.








Photo Credit: Amber Speciale

by Amber Speciale, photographer & videographer