FIRM CRUSH: Cultivate PR, Austin TX

To cultivate is defined as “to encourage the growth of something.”  An Austin public relations firm takes that idea so seriously that they define themselves by it. At Cultivate PR, a wide variety of clients ranging from hospitality, fashion, beauty, tech, and design companies are receiving professionally-crafted communication services to grow their businesses.

The firm specializes in PR strategy and outreach, social media planning and engagement, marketing, and special event planning.  Each tactic they implement is cutting edge, establishes relevance and makes each message meaningful.


The Clients

So we are all aware that Texas knows a thing or two about food. Cultivate has a knack for getting the word out to the public about many diverse restaurants and hospitality companies—ranging from breweries to pizzerias, to even a Chinese-American sandwich shop.

One of their most well-known clients is a sushi restaurant called Uchi. Uchi has been featured in many publications, while also being named among the “Five best restaurants in the United States” by TripAdvisor.  The restaurant started out in Austin and has branched out to form another in the city of Uchiko, along with several others outside the city such as Uchi Dallas and Uchi Houston.


Something else that adds to the uniqueness of Austin, TX is their diverse music scene. Another one of Cultivate’s high profile clients is a luxury hotel called the W Hotel Austin, which is located right next to the famous Austin City Limits music venue.  This hotel is known for their top-notch food as well as a stunning pool. The W Hotel is so successful in the city that it has been featured in publications such as Esquire, Austin Woman and Time magazine.

Along with clients in the hospitality industry, Cultivate also works for a fitness studio, hotel and several design companies to provide the insight and strategy needed to get their name recognized in the trending Austin scene.

The Brand

The branding that a public relations firm places for itself sets the tone for their entire public image. Through their social media, website and collateral, Cultivate has created an image that their public can relate and associate with their name and business.

Cultivate’s brand is creating a fresh and consistent image throughout all of their channels of communication. Their logo is their company name inside of a speech bubble and is colored in a bright green. They incorporate grass in the background of some of their logo comps in order to incorporate the literal sense of the word cultivate with their brand.

Looking at their social media pages and website design, you can also tell that Cultivate is absolutely killing it with using consistency and clean, and simple visuals to catch their audience’s eye. Especially with their food photos, they let the aesthetics of the dish or drink be the main focus with the minimalism of the photos they incorporate to their brand.


What Cultivate PR brings to the table is their ability to grow and inform the publics of Austin about the latest and trendiest places. Through their PR and marketing strategies, they’ve allowed their clients access to be featured in media that extends far beyond Austin as well as the whole state of Texas. This firm exceeds an expectation for managing their client’s brands while at the same time, doing an incredible job maintaining and streamlining their own. This combination of work internally and externally is what makes Cultivate PR an extremely crush-worthy firm.

Written by Paige DeRuyter, Community Manager