Celebrate Every Day in October!

October offers much more than one holiday. Almost every day in October has a specific event to recognize something of importance. Halloween is the big attention grabber during the month, but some people don’t celebrate it due to religious or personal beliefs. With so many opportunities to celebrate multiple things, there is something for everyone!

According to National Whatever Day, there are around 40 kinds of festivities in the month of October. Some days have multiple events, and some event dates vary by year. As a student under so much stress, I love having new reasons to add some fun into my routine!

Save the date on your calendars!

Here are a few random, yet great days to acknowledge:

  • Tuesday, Oct.1 – World Vegetarian Day

Be sure to eat your greens! Go meatless this day, or try to enjoy at least one kind of veggie during the day. Buy local if possible!

Photo credit: Pixabay

  • Thursday, Oct. 4 – National Frappe Day/National Taco Day

After all, it is that time for pumpkin spice flavored miracles. How these two edible items got their day of recognition combined? Beats me. Nevertheless, frappuccinos are blended goodness that can be purchased on campus at Common Grounds, Creekside Coffee (check hours of operation here). Frappuccinos can also be found downtown at Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Splurge and enjoy! They tend to be more enjoyable in a heated room when the weather cools down. I wouldn’t recommend eating a taco with a frappe, but you can end your day having a fun taco evening with friends.

  • Saturday, Oct. 5 – World Teachers’ Day

How many teachers have impacted your education for the better? Outstanding educators that go above and beyond are more challenging to come across. Especially the higher up you go in your academic career. Take time to compliment them through email, or face-to-face. Everybody thrives on positive feedback, even professors.

  • Friday, Oct 18 – National No Beard Day

It’s not quite “Novembeard” yet. Are you overdue for a trim? Are yesterday’s crumbs resurfacing in your facial hair? Head to a barber or find some clippers and rediscover your baby face. Already beardless advocates can rejoice in being overachieving celebrators.

  • National Cat Day

You’ve CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW ! The procrastination process would never be the same without cats overloading the internet. If you own a cat, give them some extra treats and love on this day. Thinking of adding a furry friend to your family tree? Adoption is the way to go! Being cat-free doesn’t exclude you from the festivities either. If you have no access to real and/or internet kitties, be one. Find a laser pen, and a box big enough to fit your body. Sanity is optional.

Photo credit: Adriano Makoto Suzuki