Stuck in a Mental Rut? 3 Reasons to Stay Positive

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG /
Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG /

Do you ever feel like every step you take feels harder than the last? Sometimes we think that the world is against us and wonder ‘why me?’ as we forget an important deadline at work or lock the keys in the car.

With the growth of social media, I see countless numbers of people complain about how difficult things are and how they wish things were better.

Well, do something about it. You are the only person that you can control and staying as positive as possible during those tough times can seem like the only thing that can keep you sane.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose to be a Positive Pam instead of a Negative Nancy.

1. According to Mayo Clinic, there are several different health reasons why you should try to stay positive. You can live longer, resist the common cold better, lower rates of depression and you will be less stressed.

In an article by American Psychological Association, they state that “44 percent report that their stress levels have increased over the past five years.”

2. When you are a positive thinker, you will naturally attract other positive people and situations.

If you have a lot of negative things happening to you, or a lot of negative people around you, then it is probably a good time for a change.

Drama attracts drama.

Negativity attracts negativity. But the good thing is positivity attracts positivity. Guess what? Being a positive person is an attractive quality that everybody should want to be around.

3. You will be more productive and perform at a higher optimal rate if you are positive.

This links to the other reasons above.

If you are less stressed, physically healthy and have people to support you in a positive manner when you need it the most, you will most likely be more successful in your endeavors.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still check off things on your to-do list when you have strep throat, knots in your shoulders and while fighting with your spouse.

But we all can agree that we aren’t able to give our 110 percent. Being positive can help you achieve higher levels in your career and reach your aspirations

So, the next time that you are struggling and choose to post on Facebook about it, or make the mistake of gossiping next to the water cooler, I challenge you to think about it.

Think about the potential ramifications of attracting the drama, the increase of stress and the potential of getting sick, which will only make things worse.

Know that you are a strong person and things will be OK.