A Well Deserved Vacation Abroad

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
-Saint Augustine

Whether it’s at the end of this semester or in the fall, graduation is quickly approaching for seniors. This can be an overwhelming thought that most students, including myself, are reminded of on a regular basis.

We’ve been in school for most of our lives and now after the long hours and perseverance this chapter is finally coming to an end.

One of the main purposes of college is to prepare for a (hopefully) well-paying satisfying job, but most jobs will be full-time and last for the majority of our lives.

Before jumping into a full-time career, one option is to take some time to travel abroad after graduating.

Traveling is a great way to experience different ideas, new people, create lasting memories and relax with friends and family after working hard to earn a degree.

As we’ve probably all heard before, the best time to travel is when we’re young.

People usually don’t have as many responsibilities as they would once they have a career, start a long-term relationship and possibly have children, which makes it easier to take some time to explore.

Even if you plan on attending graduate school or already have a job lined up after graduating, taking some time to visit another country is very doable and rewarding.

The expense of traveling can be intimidating, especially for recent graduates, but it is possible to find hotels within your budget on a country’s tourism website in locations that still offer an incredible experience.

While popular countries in Europe such as England, France and Italy are generally thought of for traveling abroad after college, there are other locations that are sometimes overlooked.

Whether you’re interested in relaxing by the beach or exploring the history and culture of a new place, here are some alternative  countries that offer beautiful views and memorable experiences:


This Southeast Asian country has a tropical climate, fascinating culture and history, and offers a variety of hotels ranging in prices. Thailand’s capital is near the coast and many popular beaches, which is perfect for a relaxing trip with friends or family.

May through August is the tourist-friendly country’s off-peak season, which offers the cheapest prices.



Whether you’d like to explore the history of the capital, Athens, or visit one of the 227 inhabited islands, Greece is a great place to visit.

Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson, Creative Commons
Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson, Creative Commons, Original Photo

Because of the country’s location and clear waters; water sports such as boating, wind surfing and water-skiing are very popular on the coast and the islands.



Brazil offers the chance to explore the Amazon, visit famous cities such as Rio de Janeiro and enjoy Brazilian cuisine and culture.

The country is well-known for its Carnival festival in February, which is a week-long celebration before Lent that includes parades, music and colorful costumes.


Happy safe travels.